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    Is there any harmful effect of transmission of data for various purposes?

    Nowadays the media is abuzz about the data transmission at cheaper rates and at a faster speed. Since there are many companies providing such services, it appears that we are always surrounded by waves of different wavelengths like Veer Abhimanyu of the epic Mahabharata.

    I intend to understand the nature of such waves and whether they affect the human beings in any form, be it negative or positive. It is well settled that in past there were no such services and our predecessors never got exposed to such waves.

    The Wi-Fi modem installed in the home is likely to keep filled the house with such waves 365X24X7.

    Is there any harmful effect of transmission of data for various purposes?
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    I am eager to know if there is anything like passive exposure to electromagnetic radiations like in the case of passive smoking.
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    Well as far as I know there is no danger of having router and through which wifi connections are enabled, but there is definitely a problem with cell phone towers installed at our roof tops. During nights we can hear sound of waves transmission which can be heard at far off place also. If that is the case surely those who are beneath that tower would have radioactive effects. A tower erected on the open place near my house clearly states that human being must keep away from the vicinity of the tower and no cattle or other animals must be allowed to enter the protected area.
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