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    Should the people showcase their cultural identity through their dresses?

    We find that the cultural background of most of the people can be identified merely by watching their dresses. Even the color, design patterns and styles of dresses adopted by individuals belonging to different cultures are different. The cultural identities include their faith and beliefs also. The headgears of the individuals play an important in such identifications. The shapes and designs of caps reveal so much.

    During the festivals, social functions like weddings etc. wearing such dresses may be more relevant compared to wearing the same at workplace etc. Despite the fact that gradually the people are shifting toward wearing neutral dresses, but few individuals are very fastidious about showcasing their cultural identities.

    Should the people showcase their cultural identity through their dresses?
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    Yes in our Brahmin caste it is very important to show case our dressing which not only highlights our culture and tradition but also gives a feast to the eyes. If you attend our marriages, the ladies are supposed to wear 9 yards sarees and the men are supposed to have Panghagajam of 8 yards. Even during festivities the ladies in the home would wear 9 yards saree and then only they prepare the food items. I have invariably seen that those women who looks normal in daily sari, would look stunningly beautiful with 9 yards sari and that is the highlight. In fact the girls of young age also want to try this attire.
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    Shouldn't they? We all belong to different groups,don't we? So we mustn't hesitate to flaunt our true identities.
    Moreover youngsters are getting eerily attracted to western fashion. Our traditions and few practices are the only things that can save our rich heritage from total annihilation.

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    My view is little bit different in this regard. Cultural aspects must be show-cased in special occasions like festivals and ceremonies like marriage, etc. However, the traditional dress of a community must be used as much as possible. I mean to say that every person must wear his/her traditional dress everywhere except in office. But nowadays, people are slowly and steadily renouncing their traditional dress. This tendency can be seen all over India.
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    People should definitely show case their cultural heritage identity on various occasions. As it is the best way to connect youngsters to their culture and make them aware about their old heritage and rituals and for elders it is a chance to revisit their old childhood memories and costumes .
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    India is a land of cultural diversity and the traditional dresses in our country varies from state to state and from community to community. But nowadays the youngsters are slowly forgetting our own culture and are getting addicted to western culture. The people feel very comfortable to wear western attires and are strictly avoiding the traditional dresses. Even in marriage and festival occasions it is very rare to see people in traditional dresses. We cannot wear traditional dresses to workplace, so in order to protect the tradition and culture of our own land, everyone should wear their traditional dresses at least during marriages and festivals to showcase their own identity.

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    It is not only about the dresses alone. Many wear 'tilak' etc. also on their forehead to announce their cultural identity. Is it necessary particularly at the workplaces etc.
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