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    Irony! ISIS bans burkha at Mosul!

    In a peculiar turn of event, terrorist organisation ISIS has banned women from wearing the burkha at their security centres in the Iraqi city of Mosul, which they have recently invaded. The terror group has called the burkha a security risk after the organisation's two top jihadis were shot down by veiled women carrying concealed pistols. In the past, women living in ISIS-occupied territories in Iraq and Syria were beaten and even killed by ISIS for not wearing the black veil.

    I am too perplexed by the sudden turn of the event! I am not yet been able to form my opinion in this regard.
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    With this turn around attitude of ISIS , it is quite clear that they cannot cope up with the people against them and hence issues fatwas now and then which is against Islam. Wearing Burkha is the conditional attire for Muslim women and there cannot be two thinking on this issue. ISIS has been loosing ground across the world and where ever they have some stronghold, they are trying to over power the locals to their fold. But atrocities like this cannot be tolerated and even the Muslim clergies wont agree with this recent turn around. The world is watching their moves and surely women would corner them.
    K Mohan
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    Now it is quite evident that ISIS ain't even a Muslim organisation. They are just snapped psychopaths. They are dazed off due to recent occupations by Russia and US military. And the lack of their commander is severely bothering them.
    So that according to me contributes to the sudden turn of tides.

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    Let us wait and watch. After the disbanding of Iraqi Army developed and nurtured by Saddam Hussain, who and the Ba'th Party (created by him) were considered secular, even entire Divisions with intact command & control structure at Divisional level, joined ISIS. Moreover, some political leaders in Syria, Turkey and Iraq are supporting ISIS. So, let us see how much time is required to destroy ISIS network in that region.
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