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    What should be the ideal duration of stay of outstation guests?

    Many outstation guests sometimes visit us and stay with us for few days. Many come as tourists for sightseeing and others come in connection with important works like appearing in a job interview, in connection with admission of their children or even medical checkup/treatment.

    Generally, on the first day of their arrival best possible hospitality is offered to such guests but in case their stay is of longer duration then it starts pinching as their continued stay disturbs the normal schedule of the host.

    What should be the ideal duration of stay of outstation guests?
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    What I feel that given the present circumstances of leading a hectic life daily, no family would be ready to accommodate guests for long stay and the guest must also understand this. In every home people leave for respective works like school, college or office or even business , then who will look after the new guests at that time. By the time we reach home , we are tired and not liking to go out again. But guests expect that they must be taken around the city for sight seeing and that is too much taxing on us. The other day few guests came to our home and mind it they came on working day. One was insisting to see Museum, and other want to make purchases at Charminar. Some wants to go to Ramoji Film city. How can we attend to all those and except me no one knows the details of the city and I cannot run around to all the places in one day. So I requested them to engage travel bus and go the places and come back but they were annoyed. We cannot help. Guest should not be a burden to others.
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    It depend on the purpose for which they have come. Suppose for interview/written test one day sufficient.For treatment 2-5 days.for visiting your place 2 days. but is pinches when you have to take leave for accompany them.Some guest are idle and have no work they will stay weeks together.
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    There is an old saying in Tamil, virunthum marunthum moonu naal which means feast and medicine is for three days. Similarly guests are normally can accommodate for three days only but there is an exception by the relationship. But at any cost the guests should be honored by the hosts as per our culture. It is not only in Hindus but Muslims also Nabhi stressed about the hosts duty when guests are coming. One day Nabhi got a guest and he treated him well and before they sit to eat Nabhi asked the guest to pray God for his Offerings. The guest as he was not believing the existence of the God, refused. By hearing this felt worried Nabhi asked him to get out as he was not feeding for the person who do not believe God. The man left but God appeared before Nabhi and told, I am feeding him till date though he refuse to utter my Name, but you made him starving today. By hearing this, Nabhi run behind the guest and beg for apology and asked him to come back for lunch. He, the guest asked for his change of mind and Nabhi replied the word of God. By realizing the Grace of God, the guest also got changed his mind.

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