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    How to improve the performance in Olympics

    How can India improve sporting infrastructure, facilities and work towards further enhancing our performance in the Olympics? How can we create a better environment for sports and sports persons to shine. Share your views here.
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    The topic has been discussed in the forum section in great detail in view of the recently concluded Rio Olympics.

    The main point is that athlete's body cannot be fully attuned to the requirements of the Olympic level performance through training alone after it is fully grown up. Therefore it is important that the talent is recognised at a very young age and since then it is fully nurtured and trained under the patronage of the Government or other organisation.

    Though there is no reservation for players in the selection process but the reservation system of jobs in case of all officials also associated with the Ministry of Sports should be removed. Perhaps the reservation system plays its role directly or indirectly in case the officials manning important positions related to the selection of players etc. are products reservation system

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    Frankly speaking India must pull the socks for the 2020 Olympics from now onward. It must be serious and promote every sport being played in Olympics from the school, college and company levels. Let each school , college and company produce their own sports persons in offing and India government must create Infrastructure facilities in each big city. Budding sports persons should not be pressured for education and they have to be given pass mark even without writing exam. Each sports person must taught to learn spoken English as they should not fumble when interviews by foreign media. Mini Olympic games must be held in India often.
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    Sports are the integral part of our life. Since centuries people play one or other types of game. In all countries, games are played according to the atmosphere suitable to their locality. India being a developing country is aspiring to excel in sports event organised at world level. If we go as per the volume of population, we are not performing at par when compared to other countries. It's a matter of concern for all of us if we see the medal tally at recently concluded Olympics. India being a developing state, cannot expend lavishly on sport infrastructure. In this aspect, we can learn from Cricket. With good management and thorough commercialisation, the game of cricket was transformed from a game of gentlemen to the game of commoners. In recent future, we have seen a boom in the viewership of one our game kabaddi. It is due to Kabaddi league matches organised at national level. Now if our government reorganise the structure of various federations and include a blend of good sportsmen, good managers, good entrepreneurs, then they cab publicise different games at various level. Once any game makes place in common men's mind, it will gain popularity. It will start generating money and after sometime, it will become self-sufficient for its own infrastructural development. Once any game reaches popularity, people start idealising their sport stars. Many children will start taking that game as career. Money will come automatically. Once money comes, automatically infrastructure will come. Players will start getting world class facility. Youngsters will get attracted and the performance at world level will start improving.

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    well this has been discussed lot of the time but the strong answer which I think would be enough to improve the performance in Olympics is that we should not involve politics in sports instead of giving chance to the person who is educated or who has money give chance to the eligible candidate so what he/she don't know English or don't have enough money, but we all are forgetting at the same time that he/she has that quality and that talent which can bring a medal for India with respect. My strong advice and slogan will be "No politics free Participations".
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