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    Are old age people always right by default

    I have witnessed many problems in families which are just because of the thoughts which are not matching between different generations. Nowadays, my sister is also facing the same problem and that is mostly questioning her parenting style. Her mother in law always interferes her saying that this is not the right way, this is not the right thing, etc.
    She is learning, but is it true that whatever an old aged person is suggesting is always right? Is there any possibility that the younger generation may have new ideas or advanced knowledge about the same and can follow that to have better results?
    I do not want to mention examples for what her mother in law claims as correct against my sister but would like to know your views (specially mothers who think alike).
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    A state of harmony has to be achieved in such cases. There has always been a difference of opinions between the generations. As far as the classical example of a difference in opinion between a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law is concerned that primarily depends on the earning capacity and economic dependence of the couple on their parents.

    In case the couple is economically totally dependent on their parents, then the daughter-in-law adopts a different stance compared to the situation when they are educated and have a good earning capacity.

    Money is power and makes the individuals to modify and adjust to the given circumstances depending upon the prevailing situations . A mother-in-law can force her opinion on the daughter-in-law only when she has power of property and money.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    See it is not always necessary that whatever suggestions an old aged person are giving have to be right and in the same way it is also true that whatever the old aged person advices us, we should seek to that suggestions because they are more experience than us and they have seen the world better than us. So in a way their suggestion are very valuable and are of great use in our day to day life, see suggesting every time to a particular person sometimes make that person get annoyed and make them rude and destroy their personal thinking as well, and they become dependent on other thinking and which is not good, I personally find it very difficult because in one way I have to listen to my mother and on the other hand I want to do that in my way. The result will be the same but the procedure of my mother and mine are different and which makes us different personality.
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    Old age people give advice based upon their experience and perspective. Young people don't have that much experience. Moreover, their perspective is also different from that of the old people. So, there is always some difference of opinion between the old and the young. That may be termed as generation gap. This phenomenon is being witnessed since the beginning of the journey of human being. We can't say that 'old people are correct' or 'young people are correct'. Both see a problem or judge any issue from their own perspective.
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    By virtue of old age, the elder persons surely have immense knowledge on any subject due to their personal experience in dealing them and also coming out with flying colors. Children with young age should not feel the ego that why should they listen from the old people. By the way who said that elder people does not like the suggestions and thoughts of new generation, surely they will invite the young ones to speak their mind and accordingly they will set their target to understand the things in their own way. So next time when you have some ideas share with your elders but do listen to them what they want to say.
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    Age is nothing but experience. we cannot say any one experienceless. Everyone should be wise in one angle which may differ from person to person. If one is elder than another even by a single day, the elder should have knowledge extra for one day. If one says us not to go that side as there is a huge pit, we should believe his word and if we set aside his warning, the fault is ours only not to him or her anyway. Similarly whoever it may be father, mother, brother, MOTHER IN LAW, father in law, brother or sister we should hear their words but accepting or not accepting is in our hand but we never should comment or criticise or mock them for such saying. If we do so the loss is to us only.

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    Age by itself does not guarantee that a person is right. It also does not guarantee wisdom and knowledge on everything. There can be a sixty year old person who did not have much exposure but a thirty year old man who has much exposure and varied experiences.
    Here the younger person will have more knowledge due to his varied exposures and can be better than the elder person.

    However in normal general situations, the elder person has a benefit of exposure to varied situations in life which he would have faced and solved. Hence he may be able to guide an younger person who faces a situation first time. Age means chance to face more situations in real life personally , and to see others facing and meeting many situations. So an attentive person can gather more knowledge over years.. Thus it brings a sort of equanimity and composure to an aged person. In that regard he will be able to advise and guide an younger person.
    That does not mean that an elder person is right always.
    Scriptures have stores about five year old attaining Moksha, whereas a ninety year old man pleads for Moksha quoting that five year old child and a sixteen year old youth who were given Moksha.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Although I can not give the 100% actual response, but as per my experience inside my family and some of my other old relatives, I think that they do not want to accept the quick changes and the current situations and behavior or the life style.
    And they think and accept that what ever they have seen, experienced are the truth and right things, also we can not avoid such things some time, as their experience also taught us lot many things, but they always try to force to accpet their words, I just avoid without hurting them, because their timing and current timing has lot many changes and we need to run accordingly the current timing and situations to sustain in this society.

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