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    Why children have more differences with fathers then mother during teenage?

    In most of the family there are certain differences in the thought process of children and elders whether we use big terms like generation gap for it or simply difference of thoughts.
    But if we observe these differences we will find most such issues arises in case of father& child not in case of mother & child and in such cases mother act like a bridge to resolve such issues.
    What is the reason behind such differences?
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    Generally, the roles of mothers and fathers are well defined in the process of raising a child. The love and affection part is more pronounced in the case of mothers whereas the fathers are more concerned with the discipline part.

    It is also seen that in many cases, the mothers who are generally more sentimental often succumb to the feelings of the affection etc. and even become a stumbling block in the progress of the child indirectly. The fathers, on the other hand, are generally more practical and restrict/forbid the children from indulging in certain kinds of acts which often cause a clash of interest and leads to a difference of opinion and friction.

    I have seen in many cases the mothers out of their natural love and affection sometimes go even to the extent of hiding the facts from the father and tell lies to protect the child which ultimately results in the child getting thoroughly spoiled and later become a cause of concern of both the parents.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is but natural that children spend more quality time with the mother and on the other hand father would be busy with his works and wont have time to interact with the children. By virtue of this gap, the children try to share more personal things with the mother, and she will in turn pass the message or wishes of children during night when the children are fast asleep, I do agree that grown up girl child cannot share her personal wants with the father, and thus mother would become handy for them but the final spending is done by father only. But I feel children should mingle with parents and share their problems, no matter what personal it is.
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