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    Why our body suddenly jerks when we are falling asleep?

    Almost 70% of people would have experienced the sudden jerk in the body while sleeping. The sudden jerk gives a sensation of falling from the bed. It usually occurs before we enter into the deep sleep or when we feel drowsy. This sudden body jerk is called as Hypnic jerks. Recently I came across an article about Hypnic jerks and I would like to share some piece of information from that article.

    Hypnic jerk is usually caused because of the muscle relaxation. During the relaxation of the muscles, sometimes the brain gets confused and mistakes it to be a sign of falling. In response to that sign, the brain immediately causes the muscle to tense up and tries to catch the body before falling down. Because of the wrong signs of muscle relaxation we feel the sudden jerk in our body.

    Some of the reasons for Hypnic jerks are

    1. Anxiety: Many people suffer from anxiety and so the sleep gets disturbed. Because of anxiety the sleeping pattern and the frequency of the stress level changes and so Hypnic jerks is experienced in the body.

    2. Sleeping Disorders: The people who suffer from Narcolepsy and other sleeping disorder may experience hypnic jerks. Sleeping late at night sometimes causes some changes in the neurotransmission and because of that sudden jerk occur in our body.

    Hypnic jerk is not a serious disorder and there is normally nothing to worry about it. No treatment is there for hypnic jerks.

    Avoid Anxieties and Sleep Well !

    Have you experienced Hypnic jerks? What impact do hypnic jerks have on your sleep?

    Share your views on Hypnic Jerks.
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    I have come across this term first time though I might have felt it several times in my life in case it is a natural process. But after going through this thread I suddenly noticed that such hypnic jerk occurs more in children. In Hindi belt it is generally described as 'chaunk jana' ( getting startled) in case of children. The children often get startled during sleep and mothers used to take care of the infants in such a manner that they are not getting disturbed otherwise.

    Now the scientists have researched the subject matter and have offered an explanation of the same in their technical/scientific language.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Please note that even when we are fast asleep or went in to a deep sleep, our mind is still working and it would visit places. Probably that movement of mind makes us to shake the body or every feel jerks within us and once we come into conscious at the same moment , we feel like ashamed for having had the jerk for no reason. Some people have the phobia of falling from the train birth and they invariably find themselves hanging precariously from the birth and they are about to fall on the ground of the train. Such feelings would make themselves to laugh and others also laugh at us.
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