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    Grand parents even prevent parents from chiding the children

    When you have elders at home especially the grand parents, surely the children will have maximum pamper and they would be looked after without chiding, beating or not even starring at them. Grand parents always like grand children as they try to pass the time remembering the childish behavior of their child during their past life. Even the present day modern parents want to bring some change of attitude in children, the grand parents wont allow. There are some grand parents who does not want children to join the school as they insists that school must be started after five years of age.
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    As a matter of fact at the time of raising their own children, people always remain under stress and therefore are not able to enjoy the growing process of their own children fully. They remain younger in age also and always surrounded by so many worries and responsibilities.

    However, in the case of their grandchildren, they become relatively free and find time to enjoy playing with them. They remain relatively free of worries also as by virtue of their experience they know that there is nothing much to worry in case there are minor ailments like a simple cough or minor fever etc.

    Regarding, the grandparent's tendency to spoil the children by excessive pampering, there is no justification for the same. Nowadays many educated couples don't allow their children to be excessively pampered by their grandparents. As a matter of fact, the parents have to take responsibility of their children, not the grandparents.

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