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    If people take their share only then there would be no quarrel in this world.

    The main reason for getting annoyed, agitated or even getting into street fights is that we people are habituated to take our share and also demand some share from others share. This attitude not only brings bad repute but also brands us as a cheat. Always be considerate and allow others also to take their share. If this attitude is followed by every one surely this world would be peaceful and there shall not be any untoward incidence and even the Terrorists will also subsidize. Hope the members would also agree with me on this matter.
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    How nicely, the author has represented the facts in a lucid style and I comply with him that we are always looking on the look out for other shares. However, it seems to be altogether a different matter that they even spend a lot money by way of consultation of lawyers and other formalities of the court to win the case. Does not matter if the share holder is in the state of trouble because of his deprivation of his legitimate share. The society is in the turmoiled condition because of excess greediness prevalent in the society.
    Not that we are not aware of civilisation of the society and we are aware of our responsibilities and duties and if the same is followed religiously the scenario would definitely change and even the Terrorists can be tackled by changing their mind- set.

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    It is , in other words, controlling greed and to have contentedness. This is worth consideration as to why people have greed. It appears that somehow greed is connected to the survival instinct. Initially, when there were no material possessions then the humans used to fight with each other for food and perhaps even for drinking water. There was no question of any other kind of greed as nothing else existed then.

    Subsequently, people started acquiring material possessions and started fighting for the same. The people who are able to understand the futility of acquiring material possessions , tend to become happy and contended.

    Many wars have been fought for having control of a piece of land. People go to the extent of killing their kith and kins and most of the pending court cases are due to property disputes only

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The author has explained his view about stopping quarrel and bringing permanent peace. The solution provided by the author seems to be very easy, but in actuality it is the most difficult solution. By nature, human being can't be satisfied for long. He wants more. His limit is sky-high. This is the reason for human being's prosperity as well as for his downfall.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    People are born with their share of fate in this world. Due to the inherent their natural instinct , no one is satisfied with the grant, they are provided by God. Throughout his life, they try to improve and daily they want to achieve something or the other. For that everyone has to compete. For that matter there arises a huge competition in every field. Now when someone gets something he feels satisfied and one who does not get, he feels dissatisfied. There are various parameters to judge a situation. But when parameter itself is in question, then certainly, dissatisfaction will arise. We can take the example of Kashmir, where both India and Pakistan thinks that he is the real owner of Kashmir. Therefore, it is very difficult to decide, who is snatching whose share. Keeping in mind all the above discussion, we can conclude that, at times it is very difficult to decide whose share is this and no one realise that he is taking someone else share.

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    The greediness will never go from the humans and the quarrel will be the solution to the ruin of this world.

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    What an awesome thought has been shared by the author within the title itself. I join with other members to appreciate him for the same.

    Human is selfish, for sure. And this selfishness itself comes in many flavors or kinds. Some become happy to see smile on others' faces, while some feel glad by just thinking about themselves, they don't really care about others... Our country and the whole World is filled up by people of both varieties as well as those who have traits of both type in different proportions.

    Quarrels may not disappear anytime soon. There have been so many differences and competition that two or more parties fight for the same share or piece of property while one and all of them feel they are right. We can blame it all on the differences, distances and variety of views that do not match with each-other. But, ultimately it is us who should be blamed for not having a compromising attitude. We have our ego at work, all the time, which does not let us take mindful, peaceful decisions.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    You are right. If people take their share everything is okay. The dispute is in only what is the share.
    The classic example of ' give whatever you like' is misinterpreted. People do not give away 'whatever one likes' , but keeps whatever he likes and gives away only whatever he does not like.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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