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    Another possible/impossible story: Part-V

    This is in continuation of:
    Another possible/impossible story: Part-IV

    Kashmir Valley:

    The information of nabbing two Pakistanis carrying US dollars for terror financing in India, had been received in the Corps Headquarters in Sri Nagar. Immediately, the information was passed on to the every Indian formation surrounding different locations of the terrorists. Green signal was given. Action started. All Indian formations working in the counter-insurgency (CI) loop were now ready for action. The soldiers jumped on the unsuspecting terrorists in every place in the Kashmir Valley with their full might. The terrorists were unprepared – they were surprised. They never understood how the Indian army formations could come to know about their secret locations which they had developed so painstakingly. Even before understanding what was happening, the Army formations entered their respective designated targets by throwing flash-grenades. The terrorists were temporarily blinded. Immediately elimination of the terrorists began.
    Within ten minutes of operation, most of the terrorists were eliminated, very few of them were captured in a severely wounded condition. Less than one percent could flee the scene of massacre. Within thirty minutes, the backbone of the terrorist network was crushed in the Kashmir Valley. At the same time, due to frequency jamming by Signal Corps of the Army, the matter remained unreported to the Pakistanis. The entire operation was a complete success. The extremely elated Corps Commander reported the matter to all concerned. His next promotion as Area Commander had just been ensured by his 'boys'.

    Ghanisabar (near Gilgit):
    Daur-e-Khas (Special Training) Camp:

    Major Jahirul Islam of ISI was waiting impatiently for the final signal. Aslam Ahmed, the chief of Laskar-e-Tayiba, was standing beside him. They were waiting for the final signal to push the trained terrorists inside India.
    The camp was spread over a very large area. It was almost self-sufficient. The spacious camp could accommodate one thousand trainees. Every training facility which was available to the Pakistani SSG commando training school, was also available in this training camp for terrorists. The community kitchen was big enough to sustain this large number of terrorists. And opposite to the Mosque, the armoury was located, where large amount of explosives was also stored.
    In the cool evening, the terrorists were enjoying inside the camp. They have just completed the extremely tough training module, conducted by the Pakistani Army trainers. Now, they are waiting to be 'Ghazhi' or 'Shahid' inside Hindustan.
    Well above the camp, beyond the human view, a signal drone was moving slowly. The advanced computer inside the drone was recording the coordinates of the training camp. After recording the coordinates, the computer forwarded the information to a far-away Air Force station located at Udhampur.
    Lt. Gen. Chaterjee, Air Commodore Raman and many other officers, scientists and engineers of the Army and Airforce had been waiting before the computer terminals patiently for the desired information. Immediately after receiving the coordinates, the Air Force station became the hub of activities. Lt. Gen Chaterjee gave command to initiate further action. Air Commodore Raman forwarded the same to the officers and scientists.
    The second drone commenced its journey. With the help of its own computer, it reached Ghanisabar, just across the LoC. It waited patiently till the exact coordinates were fed in its on-board computer. After feeding the data, it descended marginally, adjusted its height. A rocket was fired from the second drone. In no time, it hit the main building of the camp. The building collapsed like a pack of cards.
    Within seconds, another rocket was fired from the drone. It was not as accurate as the first one, but ironically it caused more havoc. It straightway hit the armoury full of explosives.

    The death started its deathly dance before the eyes of the 'Maut Ke Saudagars'.

    (The story ends here. But the saga of revenge, counter-revenge, terrorist operations and counter-terrorist operations continues.)
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    Through all the five stories created by the author, he took us to various places and the challenging situations being faced by the armed forces in combating the terror and their activities was well blended.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I humbly request the readers to read the entire story (in five parts) and indicate my shortcomings. The readers may kindly suggest ways to improve the story.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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