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    When there are 26 ambassadors for Swach Bharath, why Govt wants Sindhu and Malik ?

    We all know that Modi government has taken up the India cleaning program called Swach Bharath Abhiyan by including Icons from film world and other fraternities and so far there are 26 brand ambassadors for this great mission. And now the Modi government wants to include Sindhu and Sakshi Malik also in to this big list to further strengthen the mission activities. But I feel that players like Sindhu and Malik should not be roped in as their main profession gets disturbed and may even go without touch. Members can express their reservations or acceptance on this issue.
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    India is a vast country with more than 125 crores people. Therefore only 26 ambassadors may not prove sufficient. Perhaps even 100 ambassadors may not be sufficient as we have just started learning about Swachchta mission. Moreover, generally, the popular personalities being nominated as Swachchta ambassadors don't disturb their primary work as they themselves are not supposed to perform the cleanliness work.

    The Swachchta ambassadors are likely to help immensely in creating awareness about the mission by just talking about the same while performing their own work. Whenever they attend any function, they can talk about the cleanliness mission and thereby influence people to think about the same.

    The move is perhaps also aimed at recognising the achievements of Sindhu and Sakshi in the recently concluded Rio Olympics.

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    We require the participation of many more celebrities in this 'Swachh Bharat' movement. It would be immensely beneficial for the country if the movement becomes successful, especially in the tourism sector. The successful progress of 'Swachh Bharat' movement has the potential of increasing revenue in this sector by 300%!
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    I do not agree with the author statement as"But I feel that players like Sindhu and Malik should not be roped in as their main profession gets disturbed and may even go without touch."I think in a different way. The participation of sports persons that to girls will be more motivated to encourage the youths towards 'Swachha Bharat' movement.'
    This will also create good feeling among the sports fraternity.

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    While Swachchh Bharat campaign had been started a few years ago, it has been a dream we have seen and worked upon all our lives. It is evident, that the efforts made were never enough. I guess, govt. wish to rope in two new players into Swachchh Bharat because they have been in the news for sometime for their awesome achievements in Rio Olympics. Indians are following them and loving to track even minor things like when do they eat or sleep. At this moment, when they have become national celebrities, it maybe beneficial for the campaign if they support Swachchh Bharat.

    Altogether, it is somewhat similar to the case 'Jo dikhta hai, wahi bikta hai', what gets seen is what gets sold. When the whole India and even outsiders are eying on the two, then right question should be- Why should not they be roped in for the campaign?

    Also, I wish to echo the response made by Mr. Sharma (#578117 ). This step may only motivate them and others sportsmen/women to remain focused on their games and make the country proud. It would be an honor for them and any person to join this movement, being one of the face of this movement.

    I wonder, when most cricketers are busy in shooting more than expected television ads, nobody complains... (Author should not take it as a personal comment on him or anybody. I am just mentioning things that are often observed in general...)

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    Badminton needs consistence practice and performance and the winning players who proved their mantle should not be disturbed for other purpose.
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