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    When PM pays his own kitchen bills, then why the MLA's feast on government expenses ?

    Recently it has come to the light that AAP government in Delhi and UP Government has been spending huge money for tea and snacks and that runs into crores. But on a RTI request , it was now revealed that our PM Modi pays his own kitchen bills and does not pass that burden to the government. This is the classic example of how a leader must be a trend setter. Now onward all the state governments must stop footing bills on snacks and tea for the MLA and MP's as every public servant is paid hefty salaries and they should foot their own bill. Any comment from the members ?
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    The MLAs of Uttar Pradesh were not incurring huge expenditure for the tea and snacks personally consumed by them. There is a provision that if visitors come to meet a minister then tea/snacks etc. can be offered to them as a normal course of hospitality. There are laws regarding the same passed by the assembly. A limit has been fixed that so much amount can be spent for entertaining a visitor. The same is the case in all the Government offices. The head of the offices can spend some fixed amount as admissible on offering tea etc. to a visitor. The MLAs in Uttar Pradesh were not doing any illegal work as the expenditure was within the framework of the law.

    As far as the personal meals are concerned, it is on a voluntary basis. The first President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad had voluntarily reduced his salary from Rs 10000 to Rs 5000 in 1951 and again in 1957 from Rs 5000 to Rs 2500. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa also takes only Rs. 1 as her salary.

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    Our Prime Minister is a trend-setter on many aspects. How can ordinary politicians can be compared with him? They may be advised to follow the examples set by him.
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