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    Have you used electric scooter or bike,if so what is your experience

    Are electric scooters viable? Have you ever tried one? Share your experience in this thread.

    In a recent day newspaper, I saw an advertisement of a two wheeler with comments, 'no petrol, no licence, no registration'.
    Though I had seen such advertisements a few years ago, I did not find them popular. So the new advertisement attracted me. and kindled my interest. The ad showed a model Hawk 48V @41999/- and Eagle 48V @39999/-.

    Have any one used an electric two wheeler? What about the details? The disadvantages and advantages mainly? To whom it is suited best? Is it durable? Is there any manufacturer in India or it is Chinese made?
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    My brother in law purchased a electric scooter three years back and the manufacturer promised that the vehicle would give 80 kms travel for full charging of battery and he purchased the same for 29000 and I forget to remember the brand name. For two months the bike was good and he was using it regularly. But once he happened to visit far of place in Hyderabad and the battery drained immediately. He tried to charge the battery but the charging was not accepted. And there is no mechanic who can attend to such electric bikes. Having failed, he engaged a three wheeler goods auto and loaded the vehicle back to the home. Then he called the company mechanic to service the same. They took the vehicle and after three days returned the same stating that there would be no further break downs. But again the same thing happened. Having fed up he disposed the vehicle for mere 7000 to other person.
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