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    Be careful with cell phones!

    Today I wish to discuss about cellphones and the problems it causes to life. In today's world, cell phones are very important gadget and one may forget his purse but not his cellphone. But most of them are not using it properly.
    First thing, most of them are loosing their valuable life by clicking selfie photos. Recently I read in the news paper that some college students who had gone for vacation to visit some water falls slipped down by clicking selfies. When one slipped, the other tried to save him and then the other also slipped. So out of five friends only one remained. Similar way we get to know about lot of accidents while clicking selfie news through paper, television etc . So please be very careful.
    Second thing is that most of them don't have telephone talking manners. I find most of them talking loudly in the public places disturbing others. Especially while travelling in train in mid-night some start talking in the cellphone so loudly that even the alarm will be having low voice.
    Third thing is that most of them hold cell phone in one hand and food in the other. If anybody is having that practice please stop it. Actually doctors say that while we are having food we must concentrate on the food and eat, otherwise the food that we eat will not be digested properly because of not chewing it properly and many health problems may occur.
    So by all this, I feel addiction to these gadgets are not safe. Their use should be within limits.
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    Surely after the advent of cell phones the behavior of the people in public has literally changed. in one of the marriage function the bride excused from the gathering to have a urgent call from the office and astonished every one. No doubt office work may be important and she should have given prior intimation to office that she is getting married and should not be disturbed but getting away from Mandap when the function is going on is the stupidity only the cell phone could have taught to us. And I am totally against those car drivers who keep on talking on cell phone in one hand and slowly driving the vehicle in the middle of the road as if no one is following the car for clearance. And now the latest news is that wireless cell phones are being introduced for the first time by apple and this will further disturb the routine as people would be talking on phone and we think that they are responding to us.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    A very relevant post. Only two days ago, I read one news-item which stated that Samsung has been withdrawing one of its most expensive model because a sizeable proportion of this model blasts at the time of charging or immediately after charging. In our country, the probability of blast increases manifold due to rampant use of faulty chargers and defective power-points. All of us must be very careful about charging of mobile phone and also charging of laptops, tablet and similar gadgets.
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    I agree with the above both authors most of us have the habit of talking in cell phones while driving or talking while charging. Its surely not safe.
    Atleast while we are riding we are disturbing others and as well putting others life to danger.

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    It depends on the people's attitude and behavior. Therefore, only cell phones cannot be singled out. Whenever, any gadget in introduced in the market, the users deal with the same according to their cautious or reckless approach.

    Take the example of motorbikes and cars. They are also sort of gadgets only. Few people don't deal with them properly and eventually die. The death rate in India due to the road accidents is one death every 4 minutes. However, the combination of cell phones and the motor vehicles has further aggravated the scenario.

    Even prior to the selfie craze, many students used to die by drowning in the water bodies like rivers, lakes and seas/oceans while on a picnic with the classmates. Many reckless youths used to die while flying a kite or indulging in such other hazardous games.

    Thus the general requirement is to adopt safe practices. After all, almost all of us are using a cell phone are still alive.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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