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    Cell phone charger proves fatal.

    We normally charge the cell phone and suddenly if any call comes we try to disconnect the wire but forget to switch off the same. If the small children are there in the home they will try to play with the dangling charger wire and mind it there is current passing on the same. A small child who are playing with the cell phone charger wire was shocked with the same when his teeth came in contact with live wire which gone unattended and thus the burst of flame spoiled the face of the beautiful child and his face completely burnt. So next time when you use the charger, keep away from the children reach and also remove the same from the socket.
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    Only two days ago, I read one news-item which stated that Samsung has been withdrawing one of its most expensive model because a sizeable proportion of this model blasts at the time of charging or immediately after charging. In our country, the probability of blast increases manifold due to rampant use of faulty chargers and defective power-points. All of us must be very careful about charging of mobile phone and also charging of laptops, tablet and similar gadgets. Government must initiate awareness campaigns to discourage use of defective and cheap chargers.
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    Partha this is not about the cell phone but talking about chargers which are left in on position and the children are at security risk when they touch them.
    K Mohan
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    Only five volt DC (Direct current) current flows through the wire of a charger. That much of current cannot cause burns like the ones shown in the attachment. Moreover since it is DC, it means that both the wires (negative & positive) should be short circuited to produce a fire or shock, which is almost impossible for such a young kid though not impossible. Thirdly, even the kids that much young would throw away the wire as a reflex action even if they are able to short circuit the charging wire carrying a mere five volts DC.

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    #578157: Mr. Mohan, kindly read my entire response. I did mention about the defective or faulty charger in my previous response.
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    Generally, the original chargers which are provided at the time of buying a handset of a reputed brand are manufactured according to the safety regulations. It is the cheaper varieties which are bought separately often cause problematic situations. However, in any case, certain precautions have to be taken always e.g. -
    1.Use only a genuine charger which is right and recommended for the product.
    2. Don't overcharge the device. Once it is fully charged, switch it off and disconnect the charger.
    3. Keep the charger uncovered. Some heat is generated while using a charger.
    4. Never use a charger if it shows any sign or symptom of damage or appears to be not working properly.

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    Gypsy (#578161) - The charger's output will be 5 volts DC only when they are not malfunctioning. In case of cheaper devices, sub-standard components/circuitry is used which is likely to lead to unfortunate accidents. Certain printed safety instructions are supplied alongwith the product but nobody reads the same and throw it along with the packing material.
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    In case of malfunctioning of a charger, 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 % of the times the circuit breaks open & no current flows through the leads of the charger.

    In the rarest of the rare & the freakiest of the freak instance, there can be a chance that the output voltage of the charger is more than five Volt DC.

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    Right K mohan sir, these are small issues and we can easily avoid, but at most of houses, the charge plug stay on even not during connect with a mobile for charging. I will follow your suggestion, I am sorry to say even I did the same mistake several times, although I have never face any kind of accident or current pass to my body but it rally wastage of some energy.

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