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    Inspiring: Poor, Dalit family creates record for most Doctorates!

    Bhagwandas Ahirwar started working in 1973; at that time, he could barely make ends meet. He earned just Rs 165/- per month. Unfortunately there has not been much improvement in his financial condition over the years. But this did not prevent his five kids to acquire more than a decent education. All five children of Mr. Ahirwar have Doctorate degrees, earning the Dalit family the national record of having maximum members with PhD.

    The Limca Book of Records has recognised the family's feat when it handed over a certificate on 21st August, 2016 attesting the family's India record of a single family with so many PhD degree holders. Mr. Ahirwar has retired as an Assistant Clerk of a school. He resides in Jhansi and presently teaches the street-children free of cost.

    I salute Mr. Ahirwar and his wife for this great achievement of their children.
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    Wow what a family and that inspires every one. It is always felt and said that those who cannot get good education when they are children, definitely take it as the challenge and give good education to their children and that makes difference in the society. I have seen one or two PhD doctorates in one family but having five doctorates in single family is really a great achievement to applaud. I take this opportunity and congratulate Bhagwandas Ahirwar and his children for having shown the world that if there is will, there is a way, definite and sure way to excel than all. This achievement could be a bench mark for others to emulate.
    K Mohan
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    The following are more details about the children of Bhagwandas Ahirwar -

    1. Mukesh Ahirwar, the eldest son holds a Ph.D. in management studies and is presently working in the weights and measurement department.
    2. His sister Ragini has a Ph.D. in zoology.

    However, I could not fathom the reason of connecting earning a Ph.D. degree with being a Dalit. Knowledge and education have nothing to do with the caste and creed of an individual. Also what purpose it serves by holding a Limca record is this regard.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #578159: Generally Indians think that Dalits are weak in studies. So, it is necessary to prove that Dalits, if given proper opportunity, can excel in studies. This is to acknowledge the brilliant academic performance of the children of this family, not to demean anybody.
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    It is not good making an assumption that all the Dalits and poor are not intelligent and industrious and all the riches and upper caste people are intelligent and industrious. there are every type of people in a mix % in every caste and society. This is baseless having a PhD and doing the work of 8Th class pass person. Phd is made for research, what research an individual has done and how many patents have been taken,it matters.
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    What an irony? On one side there is a fight against reservation, then there is a call for Uniform Civil Code and then there is this call for fight against discrimination and still, after almost sixty nine years of Independence, we still feel and make it mandatory to acknowledge any achievement by the 'so called' Dalits? Why? Are they in anyway different from us?

    There might have been a period when they were denied opportunities but the situation is totally different now and we need to acknowledge true and existing facts. Let us zoom back to the present instead of staying glued to the past. Let that be the first step.

    For heaven's sake let us stop differentiating people based on their religion, caste or creed; media might say that a Dalit girl has been raped or that a Dalit man has been murdered, as if the offence would have been something else if he/she were not Dalit. They need TRP, but should we support? Let us not use these online public platforms to preserve or encourage hatred (though there may be interested parties)!

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    #578213: I fail to understand who is encouraging hatred and against whom? The achievement of brilliant children has been acknowledged by Limca Book of Records. This achievement needs to be highlighted, not to be ignored! And what is the relationship of this thread with Uniform Civil Code?

    #578202: It is not necessary that every research worker will apply for patent. Patent is applicable only in different branches of Science. The PhD students of different branches of humanities never apply for patent. And who is doing the work befitting a VIIIth standard person after acquiring PhD?

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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