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    Is it a fact that by taking Olive oil on cooking and practicing self vegetation leads to more life ?

    I was watching a video from BBC which states that a village in Italy is having the people who crossed 80 plus and having happier life even they crossed 100 years with hale and healthy position. The research conducted on them by US and Israel Scientists revealed that every one in that village uses olive oil in food preparation and the vegetable used by them are reared at their own back yard. All the elder persons are hale and healthy and they does not even do yoga or other exercise. And most of the elders are seen happy with cutting jokes and living the life without tension. On seeing that news, I want to visit that place for once.
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    Only using olive oil instead of other oils for cooking and consuming homegrown vegetables is not likely to increase longevity. Many factors affect the life expectancy, the main being genetics, environmental factors, healthcare, hygiene, lifestyle, physical activity or exercise and of course diet and nutrition. People in Spain, France and Australia have higher average longevity compared to that of Italy.

    Longevity is related to a healthy social and family life. It includes regular physical exercise, not smoking , limiting consuming alcohol, sleeping 7 to 8 hours per night and not eating snacks between the meals.

    However, growing vegetables at home and using olive oil is a winning combination. It is believed that olive oil gives better results when consumed by sprinkling it on salad instead of boiling the same for making deep-fried Indian snacks and 'puri/paratha'. Boiling it decomposes its constituents. Scientific studies have indicated that regular consumption of olive oil may lower risk of mortality and several chronic diseases.

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