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    What people do with the printed safety instructions booklet supplied by the manufacturer?

    Generally, when we buy an electronic product, on opening the package, besides the main product other materials like a printed booklet and/or a sheet of paper containing safety instructions are also received. Such printed material contains important do's and dont's and other safety instructions. Often such booklets are bilingual and many are printed in several languages in case of imported items which are supplied worldwide.

    I have noticed that generally, people care for only the warranty card and throw away the other printed material as a part of the packaging even without looking at the same, leave aside reading, retaining and following the instructions.

    What are your observations in this regard? What people do with the printed safety instructions booklet supplied by the manufacturer?
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    I do agree that it is the express duty of every purchaser to go through the instruction manual being given on purchase of every product and we normally ignore the same in the pretext of being a routine product used previously too. But that should not be done. I always make a point to read the instructions and also follow the directions mentioned there. For example if you purchase a two wheeler, the instructions has to be followed because when the vehicle is held up on the road, we can try to start it if we follow the advise written on the manual. Like wise the servicing periods mentioned in the booklet has to be followed and then only the vehicle would give right mileage and be in good condition. If you purchase electronic items for the home use , it is necessary to read the instructions before use as some appliances need three phase current supply and we may not have that.
    K Mohan
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    In the case of almost all electrical gadgets, safety instructions are issued by the manufacturers, but I don't think people care to read the same. They tend to believe that they already know the basic things.
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    Suppose a friend or known person purchase some electronic product and found to be good, then we also tend to buy on that recommendations and for that reason we wont even read the instructions or how to follow the product. All depends on friends way of explaining and its uses to us. Even when we purchase new cell phones, we wont read the manual and instead go for the total visiting of all the features in that set and thus withing few minutes all the intricacies of that cell phone was discovered. But it is good to read the manual before using the items for our benefit.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    While you may find it funny, but whenever a user manual or other such booklet comes with a product, I keep it aside, grab the actually product, use it for one or twice and then after automatically understanding exactly how does it work, I head back to the user manual if I had done it right. After this, the book and box are moved to the storeroom and they sleep there for the rest of their lives. Basically, I don't read a user manual before using a product, but I do have a look at it after trying the product for sometime. This practice is not necessarily to understand 'how to use it' but just to understand the product better.
    Ank Arya

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