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    Guess the Title Author contest - participate and win!

    Time for some fun ISCians! Here's the much awaited GTA contest. Thanks to the members who agreed to be the authors.

    All members are welcome to participate, including editors. You must send your entry to me directly at my gmail which is [iscmanagingeditor]. Do not submit your entries in this thread. In a response in this thread you will only mention that you have sent your entry, so that in case I have not received it I can inform you.

    What you have to do: Given below is a list of 12 titles which would be appropriate for a forum thread. I have mentioned the word given to the member-author. You have to guess which member would have posted such a thread. Send me the list of your guesses, matching the titles. Please send the list in the correct order for me to evaluate it easier. You can put 'not known' against the title which you are totally unable to guess. Do not sent the list as an attachment, but send it in the body of the mail itself.

    The clues:
    1. Look at the word and the title and think who would likely post a forum thread on it. You can go through various threads of members who are active forum participants before trying to guess.
    2. I have not corrected anybody's English, but posted it here exactly as sent to me via email, so think in terms of English skills of the member too.
    3. The last one (no.12) is a 'Wild card' entry, meaning this member once or twice in a month will post a forum thread. Only one clue here: it is a male member.
    4. A couple of editors are also the authors, but not no.12.

    The list of words and titles submitted by the authors:
    1. Respect: Are the respected really respectable?
    2. Competition: Wow! What a competition!
    3. Reliability: Doubts about the reliability of Jio's network?
    4. Humility: Don't take other's humility for granted
    5. Thoughtfulness: Can you not take time for thoughtfulness?
    6. Frankness: Nothing to loose for being frank
    7. Understanding: Understanding between spouses - first step of marital success.
    8. Caring: Do you care for child labor's in India?
    9. Discipline: Disciplinary methods must be in young generation
    10. Honesty: Is the word honesty losing its importance?
    11. Accountability: Will accountability make an individual more responsible?
    12. Patience: Patience is the key to lifetime success

    The awards: This will be determined by the time logged in at my email of your entries.
    1. The first 2 members who send all correct / maximum right (provided the max. right is 6 and above right guesses) will win Rs.75/- cash award. If the max right is less than 6, the 1st prize will be Rs.60/-.
    2. The next in line gets Rs.50/-, Rs.40/-, Rs.30/-.
    3. All participants will get 10 points for participation and Rs.3/- for every correct answer, this being credited to their response in this thread itself. No negative marks for wrong guesses!

    Special extra for the authors of the title only: For being an author you get extra 2 points. However, since you cannot obviously get cc of Rs.3/- for guessing your own title, you can get Rs.6/- for guessing what is the common theme of the words given to the authors. So when you send your email, mention 'Theme is_______'.

    If you have any queries, you can post them in the other thread: GTA feedback thread. In this announcement thread, only mention that you have sent your entry.

    Do not be hasty to send your guesses. Even if yours is the last entry you could win!

    Closing time: 12 noon tomorrow, 10th September 2016 (IST). Have fun!
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    I have sent my wild guesses in the given e-mail address.

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    I have sent my response to your e mail address. Kindly verify and confirm
    K Mohan
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    Sent my entry @ your email.
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    I mailed my entry for this contest to the mentioned email address.
    I know, my scores will be poor as I found it really difficult to guess...


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    Hi mam,I have sent my answers
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    Received entries of those who have responded here so far.
    Managing Editor,

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    This thread can be locked now . Thanks to the 5 members who participated.
    Managing Editor,

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