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    I need to develop new website for me but do not have unique concept.

    I need to develop new website for me but do not have unique concept. Can you share your views to get some idea which has unique concept or topic.

    Currently I am thinking for marriage website..
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    Everything that is connected to the human life is always in demand and will remain so forever. There is nothing dearer than life to a human being. Because of this reason only, websites related to longevity, treatment of various ailments through home remedies etc. become popular. However, there is fierce competition is this field. Because of unemployment scenario, websites related to career and job opportunities are also always in demand.

    There had always been three classical wishes of the human beings - how to remain alive eternally , how not to grow old and remain free of diseases/ailments and how to convert a base metal into gold. These concepts are like to be in demand forever.

    People wish to get a job with high salaries and rewarding perks without doing hard work, the adolescent boys want to grow six pack abs, the girls wish to become taller as well as slim and people in general wish to grow rich.

    Competition should not be taken as a deterrent. It has to be compensated by giving something outstanding , different and unique.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What i feel that we should not join the rush avenues already tapped by varied web sites. We have to think new and that should be different. What I suggest that start a website on women rights, women emancipation or women achievers. You can elicit participation of women through a request in social media. Surely the response would be great and interesting. But you must ensure that good entries with proven record are accepted to be loaded in your site and also make it sure that it is updated every 24 hours and most importance is the response to the entries and replies to any questions asked.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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