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    True story about Jamsetji Tata-the great industrialist

    Jamsetji Tata was the founder of the Tata group. He started out by setting up cotton mills in Bombay and Nagpur. He had four dreams: to set-up an iron and steel company, a science institution, a luxury hotel, and a hydro-electric plant. He could go on to fulfill only one of these dreams in his lifetime, i.e., the Taj Mahal hotel, near the Gateway of India in Bombay (now Mumbai). The story goes that he was once denied entry to another five-star hotel in Bombay (Watson's hotel), and he built the Taj as a show of determination and courage.

    Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said about Jamsetji, "When you have to give the lead in action, in ideas – a lead which does not fit in with the very climate of opinion – that is true courage, physical or mental or spiritual, call it what you like, and it is this type of courage and vision that Jamsetji Tata showed".

    Jamsetji Tata and his successors have built the biggest industrial empire of India on the basis of honesty and determination. All Indians must emulate the example set by the illustrious family.
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    Yes every Indian is proud of our great Industrial house called Tatas. Probably this is the only group of companies in India who are not involved in corrupt practices nor ditched the government in paying taxes. They are gradually growing in every field and they are trust worthy name in the public. One of my relative is working in Tata group in highest decision making cadre and once said that Tatas wont bribe the government to get the contracts unlike other players who grease the government officials and Ministers to win the big contracts. Even the so called pay commission and get contract scheme is not allowed nor encouraged. Every move in higher official would be very professional and there cannot be compromise on quality too. That is is the reason being so even the governments or political leaders wont get anything from this group, still they like Tatas for integrity and honesty.
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    Jamsetji Tata is regarded as the 'Father of Indian Industry'. His father Nusserwanji Tata was a trader. Jamsetji Tata had made many foreign trips abroad mainly to Hong Kong, England, America, Europe, China and Japan for opening branches of his father's business.

    Jamsetji Tata's cotton mills produced cloth which was not only used in India but was exported also to countries like Japan, Korea, China and several parts of the Middle East.

    The Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru and the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai are the most prominent centers of original research in scientific fields in India.

    The bustling city Jamshedpur which is popularly known as Tatanagar in the state of Jharkhand is named in his honor. I don't remember off hands any other big city in India which is named after any industrialist.

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    #578220: Some other towns have been named after business family (not after an individual industrialist though)! Example: Birlapur (West Bengal), Thapar Nagar (Jharkhand), etc.
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