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    Making the birthdays of ISCians even more special

    This is a request to the webmasters and ME. I don't think this request is a very unfeasible one. I would love to hear the view of other ISCians, including our editors and webmasters, on it. ISC has crossed so many lovely years and so have their members in terms of age, experience and excellence.
    But there is no special email or any other kind of provision on the birthdays of any ISCian? I mean when it was my birthday or I guess any other ISCian's birthday, no one ever received any email from ISC acknowledging our birthday. The birthday information is definitely given in our profiles. Some of us even have our home addresses given in the profile. It would have made me feel really good, if I received one.
    Would it be possible to start such a thing from maybe next year? If every ISCian received a special letter or bouquet from ISC delivered at their address or a mail addressing their birthdays, it would really make them feel special. Inviting the suggestions of all ISCians here.
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    I do agree with the author. The ISC management can send a e birthday greeting to member celebrating the same on a particular day or so, I do agree that some members wont reveal their birth date in their profile and that is the reason the ISC too cannot ask for the same. I would request Vandana to take lead and request all the members to append their birth dates to her personal e mail box so that ISC can create a birthday format and send the e greetings to the respective member on that day. That would be fitting gesture and the member would feel happy. Because we are all one family and getting greeting for ISC matters to us.
    K Mohan
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    My suggestion is that ISC management should have the day and month of every member.One of the editor should raise the thread on birthday to congratulate the member. So that other members also can join in congratulating the birthday.
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    Yes, indeed a good idea by a senior member, the webmaster should send a wish letter to the respected birtthday member, so that he/she can get more faith in this site where he/she works day and night.
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    First of all, I welcome and support the idea wholeheartedly. After that, I would like to offer my comments which are as follows -

    1. Receiving an email from the webmaster or ME or any editor will restrict the celebration between the member concerned and the ISC management only. Why not celebrate it on public domain enabling other members also to join the spree?

    2. Raising a thread in the forum section on the birthday is perhaps expecting too much. Perhaps an automated system to display the names of the members on their birthday may work better. However, certain criteria will have to be fixed e.g. only active members may be considered for such treatment since the number of registered members of ISC is 864732 as of now.

    3. Also expecting ISC management to send a bouquet also is too much. Perhaps the automated system can send a virtual bouquet.

    4. In the lighter vain, if a suggestion comes from some quarter that a cash credit of Rs. 100 may be assigned to the members on their birthdays, then I will be least surprised.

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    My view is different. There may be at least some Members (the number may be less) who don't give much significance on birthdays. They spend their birthday like any other days. They also don't like any celebration. They don't believe in the custom of sending or receiving greetings card. They may not like the idea propagated by the author of this thread.
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    All the points made by my dear ISCians are very pertinent. I think if our webmasters and senior editors brainstorm on this, they can come up with a unique and endearing solution to this issue.
    Regarding the fact raised by Partha Sir, the solution could be that to specify a birthday will be the solemn choice of the ISCian. We will only celebrate the birthdays of those ISCians who have mentioned their birthdays in the profile.
    Also Kailsh Sir, I never meant that ME or any a specific editor should send us a mail. That would not show the unity among the ISCians. I quote what I said and that is "any email from ISC acknowledging our birthday. " This is means a system generated mail from ISC with the name of the birthday boy or girl in it.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
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    Mr. Jeet please do not use offensive language. This is not a GD. Even in GD we do not use this kind of an offensive and regressive tone of language as you have used.

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    Can you tell me what I said which look to you "offensive"? Please explain.
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    Your opening statment was indeed offensive. Do please give your views without such objectionable statements. By all means dissent, but do so without odious comparisions.

    Managing Editor,

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    No issue, then I would request you to delete or edit the just next response too which will give an opinion that as if I have abused the author herself. Is not her reply too offensive to me? A preconceived opinion?
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    Joyshree was merely pointing out the fact that your language was offensive & requesting you not to use such language, on the same lines as I did. Do let's not get into a needless argument over this here and give unrelated responses. We'll stick to the topic of the thread shall we?

    Managing Editor,

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    Alright, What I mean to say that in the response (which was got deleted) that everyone have their own unique place. ISC too have its place which I personally feel that more even far more important than any other social site. Let the ISC be an educational site rather than changing it too mushroom websites.

    Hope author of this thread now have no offence!

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
    "Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith." - Sardar Bhagat Singh

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    ISC has a big list of members birthday. I suggest only the birthdays of active forum members should be considered for birthday greetings. Everyday, a special thread should be created by an editor specially nominated for this purpose. That thread should contain the list of the forum active members born on that day. Other members can post their greetings in that thread. The thread should be posted before 0800 hrs with a title "Happy birthday ...........(date).
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    Actually it is incorrect of the thread author to state that the birthday information is definitely given in our profiles. Not everyone has entered this information as far as I am aware, since it is not really mandatory. The automatic email birthday e-greeting could work out (and it isn't a bad idea) if the birthdays were actually known.

    Also, why should only active members be considered and why only active forum members? If something is implemented, it should be for all surely.

    Managing Editor,

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    #578216 As mentioned by Kailash sir, I too think that there should be some cash credit to that member who is having birthday. I think it will be good if the webmaster credit him/her cash on the basis of his/her presence in this site, for example if he/she is present 200 days in 365 days then cash credit should be 200 Rs, it will also remind the member of his/her number of days presences in this site.
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    I receive email, SMS and telephonic messages on my birthday and wedding anniversary from places where I have dined, my bank and chain-stores where I have a membership card. To be honest, they do zilch to cheer me up, unless they are accompanied by a gift/discount coupon.

    An automatic system-generated wish is impersonal and means nothing to me. Staff calling up to wish is fine, but when they ask if I'd like to dine with them, well, that leaves me in an awkward position, if I have plans to go someplace else.

    Similarly, receiving an automated wish from ISC would be futile. If we consider personal emails, then the management will have to enrol special staff to ensure that birthday wishes are sent out to its members on time. What a waste of manpower that would be, considering there is generally a shortage of editors to clear backlog.

    The author has also suggested that bouquets or letters be sent to those celebrating their birthday. Do we not see the logistics involved? It, to me is an impractical suggestion as it will involve huge sums of money.

    I am not in favour of receiving automated wishes and do not think the management will agree to any of the suggestions being proposed.

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    The Managing Editor may request the Members to indicate their birthday in their profile. On the birthday, if any other Member wants to wish him/her, he/she can do so through personal message. There is no need to send gifts to the Member, simply because ISC is an online platform (the interactions should remain online).
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    I have limited it to forum active members who are present in ISC forum and would go through the threads. What use if you wish a member who is not present in forum but alive in ISC to read no message posted for them? The list should have less than 20 active members. I am sure, there won't be more than 20 birthday boys/girls on any one day

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    I have also similar views like that of Juana( refer;578309). mechanical stereotyped messages do not have any impact on me. In fact I delete them from my inbox even without reading. The only occasion I liked such a message was one from an online shopping portal forwarding a gift coupon along with Birthday greetings. . I used the gift coupon to buy a useful thing, which still I use. (I had raised this thread on that then).

    But there are many especially the youth who are excited seeing even mechanical auto generated birthday greeting messages.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Well, it could be a good idea to display the birthday of members on a particular day on the home page of the site. It is indeed a great feeling to receive emails and SMS messages on your birthday. At least, that is exactly what cheers me up. I receive umpteen messages on my birthday from my bank(s), credit cards and what not. There are messages from the sites and forums I have registered to. It could be quite great to have an automated display of the names of members on the home page.

    And limiting it to just the forum section would not be a good idea. It is not the forum alone that the ISC consists of. There are a few members who never come in the forum or come quite rarely. Will it not be like you are leaving threm out?

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Yes Sun made a valid suggestion. Those who are regular to forum and visible in the list of activities can be added to the personal greetings from the ISC Administration.
    K Mohan
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    I also approve of both the Vandana's and Mr. Sun's point. It is true that many of the ISCians may not have updated their birthday's in the ISC profile page. I would thus request my dear ISCians(who wish to celebrate their birthday's with all of us) to put their birth dates in the profile page.
    Coming to Mr. Sun's point, we can try of tracking person who are not active on ISC for a long time, say 2-3 years via their provided mail id and see if they wish to be a part of ISC working procedure anymore. If not, then we can only proceed with the birthdays of active members of ISC. Members what do you think?

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    There is no field for display of date of birth on the profile page of the members. Even there is no field for mentioning gender also. So far the displayed profile is age-neutral and gender-neutral.
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    But in my profile I have mentioned my birthday!!

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    Joyshree - On your public profile also , your date of birth is not visible. All the data filled at the time of registration may not necessarily be displayed on the public profile.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Maybe publicly it doesn't appear, but if editors or webmaster see my profile, they will see it. The point is that ISC has a record of it and that is needed if a system notification is to be sent that day.

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    I support the author's suggestion for ISC wishing its members on birthdays. This is a feature which has been implemented by many websites or apps so far and seeing it on ISC would be awesome. Those who have mentioned it, will get the notification. (However, I am not really sure how ISC administration sees to it for increasing server load to fulfill a lame plan. A lame plan- because not all of us mention our birthdays or correct birth dates)

    In fact, Tony sir's message on the top of our Member Dashboard seems quite encouraging to members. If they begin to receive just another message that wishes them on birthdays, it will be rather delighting and encouraging.

    Altogether, it is a good idea.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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