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    Do not divert your attention while settling cash with online courier

    I was watching a video in which a online company person comes with a parcel and hands it over to the addressee and by the time the owner was signing the received document, the courier person who was counting the money has misappropriated 500 rupee note to his pocket and claimed that customer gave 500 less. Though customer insists that he paid full amount just now, the courier person displays the amount which is still present on his palm. So having got fooled within no time the owner pays the less amount but all that mischief was recorded in the cctv. So next time when you have given money, just watch he was satisfied and then sign any papers.
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    It is a very old convention to be very careful and watchful during cash transactions. I was once cheated at Mumbai by a taxi driver at Dadar Railway station in this manner. He had hidden one Rs. 100 rupee note at lightening speed and demanded again from me.

    I have once read that in the past, in large amount cash transaction like in property transactions, a third party was assigned the work of counting the notes. The convention may still be in vogue at some places.

    Nowadays currency notes counting machines have become popular. I remember having read a news item about a high position Government official maintaining a currency note counting machine to count the bribe money quickly.

    It is better to minimise cash transactions and use cards for payments. In developed countries, one can pay even to taxi drivers also through cards.

    Despite taking all precautions in case an unscrupulous individual is bent upon for cheating, then he/she may adopt any other trick to dupe a gullible and unsuspecting individual.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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