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    Modern Parents : Talk with your daughter and Play with your son

    We all know that for every parent both the son and daughter are very dear to them and they would look after very well and address their every need. But often we find that there is always a complaint from the son that daddy wont play with him for want of time and daughter would be angry as the daddy is not giving time to talk with her. Please understand the children. We may have hectic work at office or business needs. But giving some time to the children is our duty , otherwise they get dejected and keep aloof from us. Are you giving time to your daughter and son on daily basis, if not on alternate days or at the most every week ?
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    A really good and simple advice to establish instant rapport with own children. But very few of us do this very simple thing. Thanks Mr. Mohan for reminding all of us.
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    The PS note at the end of the thread appears to pertain to the other thread raised by the author today which is related to the articles section.

    Regarding the subject matter of the thread, it is true that parents should spend sufficient time with their children. However, the children's requirement varies with their age. In the early childhood, their requirements are different than what they are when they enter adolescence and subsequently in the adulthood. Of course, after entering adulthood they no longer remain children.

    Generally, the children expect their parents to fulfill their requirements. In the early childhood, they wish to hear stories and the sons want to play with the fathers. Girls wish to be pampered. Even after growing up the requirement of daughters of being pampered continues. They generally always feel happier whenever a new dress is bought for them.

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    Thanks Kailash for pointing out the mistake. I have corrected the matter now.
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