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    Make some changes in Article section too. New articles should be in first page.

    While I appreciate Tony, our beloved webmaster, for making constant changes to the features of this site and the recent layout change in forum has been received well by the members. Likewise our article section also needs some facelift. Of late I am regular to article section for appending my reviews and find that new articles are not seen instantly. Like in forum, all the new articles must queue up in the first page of the article section so that members can participate with right review or addition to the article. I hope other members would also extend support to my suggestion and over to Tony please.

    PS: In order to get more space in the first page of article section, the contents may be done with and only headings may be visible to accommodate more fresh articles headlines.
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    Yes, I fully support Mr. Mohan. Newly approved articles should be shown at the top to enable interested Members to read these articles and post their responses on the articles, if found necessary.
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    I am in support of value addition / facelift in the articles section too.

    However, as far as showcasing articles are concerned, there is an existing system under which new articles are listed as 'Recent Articles' on the home page. Similarly, certain selected articles are displayed under 'Featured Articles' also on the home page. Even at present in the articles sections, all new articles are displayed on the first page only. However, the articles of perennial value may be distinguished with red pins etc. as in the case of forum section to distinguish the same from the newly approved articles.

    My feedback in this regard is that the 'Featured Articles' should be updated more frequently. Also, once an article is showcased under 'Featured Articles', then perhaps it need not be displayed under 'New Articles' also as both the features are on the same page and one above the other.

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    Members should note that new articles indeed do appear on the first page of the articles section once these are approved. What happens is that members or visitors (we have a link for 'post responses as a guest') may post a response to an article which they may have located via the search box within our site or landed at the article via a search engine. In such cases, those articles then come to the front.

    A new article, even if a featured article, will automatically appear under the New Articles section and will go further down once more new articles get approved and published. We do try to rotate the articles which are under the Featured Articles section, but other things often get priority!

    By the way, we do have some good articles which remain at the top for the long-term. The new template does not show them with red pins though.

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    Vandana I do agree with you. For example appreciating you in one article is occupying first post and many articles on out of box information occupies first page with gist of them which can accommodate only few entries in first page.
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