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    Why generally, people are afraid of death?

    Generally, people have fears about death. Even talking about the dreaded death is considered a taboo. Biologically, the natural death is not likely to cause physical pain as the system stops functioning as a routine.

    People talk about emotional and sentimental aspects of the death. However, since it is well settled that the human life has to end one day, then why to be so fussy about the same.

    The God has designed the system like that. The life has to be lived through a relay system by passing on the baton to the next generation through genes.

    Why generally, people are afraid of death?
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    I do agree with the author that we are really afraid of the death because of our deep attachment with the near and dear ones and the wealth occupied by such people may give them temptation to live for an extended time period. But their wish turns into smoke when they have to make departure from this lively world all of sudden. We have to understand our limitations. The body - cells and so is our mind goes under constant degeneration after the age of forty. To some extent the the process can be arrested with intake of proper nutrition, Yoga and other exercises but the end result ie death cannot be averted.
    We need to understand our roles to be taken up in this universe so that even in our death bed, we can have smiling - faces in the death - bed. Good - deeds would definitely offer us immense satisfaction.

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    Wow what question and I always love to answer such questions. What I feel that people take it granted that they came to this world by virtue of good deeds done in previous Janma and thus they are benefited to enjoy the essence of life bestowed to them. And in that process they make long term plans as if they are going to stay for here permanently. in this regard I get surprised at the way Ambanis have constructed their home with so much spending and fanfare. Now the latest news is that he has acquired a latest luxurious bus which is nothing but a mini palace on wheels with car parking, board room, kitchen, entertaining room and above all wholesome atmosphere for the family to stay without concerned to outside world. The bus may be worth some crores. So what I mean to say that what ever seen with the naked eyes are going to be destroyed one day or the other and we the human beings are no exception. Therefore fearing death is foolishness.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    We are generally afraid of anything which might come up unexpectedly at some point of our life. The reason is that we are not prepared. Your feeling when you are going on a planned trip and the one which you experience when you have to suddenly move out on a trip is entirely different. Our fear about accidents or thieves or anything that may spring a surprise (not a pleasant one of course) will always elicit a feeling of fear in us. Death is also almost all the time unexpected. Though we hear aged people or people who have certain diseases saying that they won't live long, for them too the length is not specific and waiting for the expected to happen at an unexpected moment does bring in uneasiness and fear. I think it is quite natural and we are used to living with that lingering fear.
    Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad - Miles Kington.

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