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    Those with meagre living style wont be visited even by eager relatives

    Now a days the status of a person is weighed with money, costly dress, a branded car, and above all a own house would make others to visit you often even without any reason. But there are relatives who are not having that kind of standard of living but yet they are fighting the daily life with their own way of living and existence. And these kind of relatives are gradually and totally neglected by the well off relatives and thus over the period of time there whereabouts also not known. I really pity for those people. One should never weigh others with money or status , that is wrong. What is your take on this .
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    The thread raised by the author prompted me to think about as to what is a relationship and why it should be maintained. One cannot do anything with the biological relationships like those with parents, siblings and other such family members which cannot be negated in any case. Then there are relationships created through marriage like those with inlaws etc. I addition, there are many other relationships like those created with friends, neighbors etc.

    Leave aside the relatives, there are instances when people feel shy in visiting their own parents also after getting rich and the parents remaining poor living in nondescript localities in their old dilapidated house. In all other cases, people weigh the relationships and value only those who are of any worth. Only sentimental people value and maintain relationships which are of no use or value. Such a trend may be utterly deplorable but unfortunately, it is a bitter truth.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Read the thread. It is basic nature of most of the people. If a person doesn't get benefit from another (may be his/her relative), he does not take interest in maintaining relationship. But there are exceptions, and these exceptions make our life beautiful and memorable.
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