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    Environment friendly concrete ponds created by GHMC at Hyderabad for immersion of Ganesha idol

    The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has constructed a concrete pond of size 43 metres x 43 metres with a depth of 4 meters at a cost of Rs. 55 lakh for immersion of Ganesha idols beside the Mallaka Cheruvu on the old Bombay Highway. Total Rs. 6.95 crore will be spent on creating such 10 concrete ponds.

    Ganesha idols of up to a height of 8 feet can be immersed in such ponds. The devotees can take the help of GHMC workers who have been posted on the spot. The puja paraphernalia is scooped by the GHMC workers, loaded in a small tipper truck parked nearby and disposed of properly.

    Thus the GHMC has enabled the immersion ritual with minimum pollution.

    What are the practices adopted by the Government bodies in your city in this regard?
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    The government cannot stand against the strong faiths of the people. Though the Telangana government has advised for small size Ganesh Idols to be worshiped, the organizers wont heed. The government stressed for clay Ganesh Idols and that advise too ignored. The Government asked organizers to use the specially created concrete ponds, but the same government has made elaborate arrangements at the traditional Tank Bund or Hussain Sagar lake and arranged 28 big cranes to immerse at least 20000 big Idols which will be brought from across the city and outskirts. So what is the use of spending so much money on temporary concrete ponds which is far away and how the local Idols spread across the city would move to the so called concrete pond. So government has failed this time and hence heeded to the past practice of immersing the Idols at Hussain Sagar against the wishes of environmentalists.
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    The positive aspect, according to me, is many people including devotees have become conscious about pollution. This consciousness will definitely increase with time.
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