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    Just behave good to yourself.

    As a part to the society we always check our behavior, we respond to the people with. We take care of the elements we should be dealing in the process with others to please them out of politeness, courtesy or other personal reasons. But sometimes we tend to forget that there are so many people to please and in turn we dissapoint ourselves by behaving too good to everybody without getting equal response from the others. I feel that we should always behave good to ourselves. One should talk to himself or herself, inspire himself or herself, give treat ,how smaller may be, to himself or herself and respect himself or herself and I believe he or she would get the same from himself or herself.
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    It is neither possible to please everybody nor there is any such requirement also. Many people have a tendency to interact with as many people as possible. Actually, the individuals should be selective in initiating and maintaining a relationship. Being a social animal doesn't mean to dissipate our time and energy without any specific purpose or goal.

    People should learn to say no also and exercise such option as and when required. Only then it may be possible to do justice with the given task. In a single day, time cannot be stretched beyond 24 hours and out of that sufficient time is required for sleeping and performing other essential activities like taking meals, ablutions. physical exercise, studying or working on jobs etc. Out of the remaining time, some rest is also required in between to keep the body fit. Taking care of oneself simply means spending due time for such essential activities.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There are two type of people 1. high self esteem 2. people with low self esteem. What the author narrated It applies to second category.People with high self esteem never tries to bow down before any body.They respect their self pride. People with low self esteem will behave like sycophant,They will make the donkey their father for small benefit. They can catch the feet of any body.So do not preach any body, you can not change such people.
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    There is a saying," I can't please everybody, I'm not a chocolate". There is a huge difference between our behavior in our home and outside. Because in outer world you are expected to behave according to norms of the society. In order to look like a part of this society we need to act sometimes. We need to become what we are not. That's unchangeable.
    We all are surrounded by people. And we feel a necessity to please them. But what is even more important is that we must never put ourselves down in order to please someone.
    Self- respect is all that you ever had, so protect it with all your might.

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    I always believe that it is good to treat ourself first instead of treating others. I always try to behave good to others but when others try to ignore my good gesture then I personally started ignoring him/her, because I find it very awkward, in one way I am respecting him/her and on the other way he/she is ignoring me and that creates some sad emotion inside, it is also true that whatever we do to ignore them but we cannot do that actually they are our senior and we should have to face their ignorance, what ever may come from their side.
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