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    Head Master took initiative for installing vending machine for sanitary napkins!

    2008: The local people were grief-stricken on the burning-ghat. Family members of the dead teen-aged girl were crying. And the Head Master took an oath on that burning-ghat that he would change the pathetic condition.

    Krishnachandrapur High School of Sundarban area in South 24-Parganas district of West Bengal. The school is co-educational, but no toilet facility was earlier available for girls. As a result, during those uncomfortable days of the month, most of the girl students didn't come to school. The girl Ananya came to school, but suffered due to unhygienic condition and use of unclean clothes. She died without proper medical treatment due to high level of infection.

    The Head Master started running from pillar to post-in every Government departments. Within one year he arranged to construct two separate urinals & toilets for boys and girls.. His job was not over. He started knocking the doors of every corporate house of Kolkata. Continuous effort has now bore fruit. A very big corporate house has installed a vending machine in the school on the birthday of Ananya in August, 2016 under Corporate Social Responsibility scheme.

    The job of Mr. Chandan Maity, the Head Master of the school, is not yet over. He has now initiated a campaign of using sanitary napkins for the ladies and girls of the village and nearby areas.
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    A few months back, the Chhatisgarh Government has taken a major initiative to install automated sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators in 1500 government schools across the state. Such a move is likely to encourage personal hygiene among girl students, improve school attendance and is likely to help girls overcome the hesitation they face while buying sanitary napkins from the market.

    On inserting, a two rupee coin, the vending machine will dispense a sanitary napkin. Each such machine will cost around Rs. 50,000. Incinerators will also be installed at girl's toilets for disposing of used napkins as proper disposal of used sanitary napkins is very important.

    It is well known that using non-hygienic methods during the menstrual cycle may lead to gynecological diseases which can affect a female reproductive system.

    As a matter of fact, the school dropout rate of girl students was much higher in the rural areas because of the absence of proper 'women's room' in the schools.

    The Government of Telangana had also announced last year that sanitary pads will be supplied free of cost to girl students of Classes VII to XII, benefiting around 3 lakh girls of more than 3,000 Government educational institutions in the state.

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