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    Reliance Jio Infocomm V/s other networks; which is reliable and sustainable?

    As Reliance Jio has started its unlimited data services and free calls throughout India, the Cellular Operators Associations of India (with top representatives Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea) lettered to Prime Minister Modi saying to not provide any voice calls service to Reliance, if it will not pursue the rules of TRAI. The department of telecommunications (DoT) also asked Reliance to approach the regulator about its complaints that the rival companies are not giving sufficient connections and maximum calls are getting barred and dropped from Reliance to other mobile service providers. However, Reliance had declared the free call and free data services will be up to December 31st and after that the consumers has to pay for internet only.

    What do you think how long the rivalry will sustain if the matter of interconnection will not resolve and what could be Reliance's reliable and sustainable after the free service period?
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    Not being a telecommunication engineer, I have only a very general idea about the subject matter. However, the main issue is that when a reliance Jio user calls a number on the network of the other companies, Points of Interconnect (POIs) are required to forward the call.

    According to Jio, presently its users are experiencing 65% call failures because of inadequate POIs and expecting the other telcos to augment their POIs capacity. Telcos say that the POIs provided to the Jio is sufficient for traffic from about two crore users and they will not augment the capacity till Jio launches its commercial services. Presently, Jio is running full fledge services to about 15 lakh users in the guise of trial runs. On this point, Jio's stand is that the rival telcos are sabotaging their entry by not providing enough POIs and thereby forcing it to delay the commercial launch.

    There is nothing new in such spats. After all, it is pure business. I think the common man need not get involved in such matters and adopt a wait and watch policy.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    If you ask me what to chose between Reliance and other players in the field. I would opt for BSNL. What I am seeing now is the virtual war going on Telecom circle with one company after other going on upgrading their technology and punishing and pressing the customer to switch over the new one. Now people are fancied with 4 G service and running after acquiring the SIM from JIO. Soon there would be 5 G from other company. Then will you throw the 4G offered by JIO and go to new company. The Telecom companies are playing music chair. In that game one only wins and other would slowly get out one after other. Same case is happening here. Airtel started the 4G war and after few months, Idea got into that mode and even Vadafone followed the suit. Having seen this, the Reliance which had very meager market hitherto was baffled and introduced this new scheme of JIO. Remember there cannot be permanent player in Telecom. But BSNL can be trusted for sustained service.
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