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    Do you think social media and forum sections are right places to discuss domestic issues?

    I've seen many writers do post their domestic and informal issues in many social media sites and forum sections to get their issues resolve. Actually there is nothing wrong in posting such issues openly, but the media is so wide and open that most of their own and in-law family members can get to know subject and discussions over internet. After which the rivals may get more fuming and cases get reverse instead of resolving. What do you think discussing such domestic problems in internet is correct and helpful? Please share your valuable thoughts here.
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    I don't know the present position but earlier there used to be 'agony aunt' columns in the periodicals popular among the general classes of society. People used to send their questions, sometimes of very personal nature and the same used to get published together with answers drafted by some individual. Sometimes such magazines used to rope in celebrities also for answering questions but it appears that generally, the periodicals used to use only the name of the celebrity and somebody else from the publication house used to draft the answers.

    The same trend has trickled in on the social sites also. Even in the ask expert section of the ISC, sometimes questions of very personal nature are raised without attempting to camouflage or generalize the same.

    I concur with the views expressed by the author of the thread that 'saas-bahu' type of questions may better be not raised on the public domain. I think people resort to such practices only for venting their pent up feelings or frustrations despite knowing themselves that real solutions may not be possible by adopting such tactics.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I don't think it is a right practice to drag domestic issues to one's social media pages. There may be functions available that can keep your post private or restricted but then why should one let the world know of his private issues. There are other forums where you can safely find solutions to such problems. The point by the author that a message on social media may alert your opponents is no doubt valid, but I think that is not the only point in question. I am a person who strongly believe that the virtual world is most of the time fake and so an effort to confide our personal problems on such a media may do more bad than good.

    As Mr kailash has said at #578361, there were ( and still have) agony columns in many news papers and magazines and people used to ask questions related to their personal life to get solutions. But then that cannot be compared to a post in a social media.

    The Ask expert section in ISC too get lot many questions that require different kind of approach from our members but again the person asking the question has the option to remain anonymous and moreover unlike a social site, the questions are asked expecting some expert advise and are not put up for likes, comments or a discussion as usual.

    I have elaborated this comment on the basis that most of those who use social media are not really serious about the same and more or less look at them as a means of time-pass and are generally satisfied with the number of likes their posts receive.

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    What I strongly feel that house matters should not be discussed in public forum like social media and other forums. Why because personal matters happening inside a home can always be corrected and rectified with the intervention of elders and once it appears in social media the mention would remain permanent and the amount of insult the family faces would be enormous. Even our forum wont recommend our personal issues in this section and that is good decision. Family matters should not be brought out of four walls and that would spoil the very fabric of family bonding.
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