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    Whose suggestion is most important for a student while choosing higher education?

    Decision making is one of the top most acts for a student while going for higher education after 10+2 or intermediate. Most of the students seek advice of their teachers and some parents and friends. However, many a students don't take their own decision. This is may be due their parents' or teacher's advice or pressure. In many cases, students didn't get good score in his/her liked subject and bound to go for other stream. In other cases, students get confused what to choose and what not to. My questions is to our experienced member authors to focus on this topic as many students were getting diverted from their aim and ability due to their pressure of parents and teachers while choosing subjects/streams for higher education either after matriculation and intermediate.
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    Well there is no doubt at all that whatever our parents and teacher suggests is for our own good but at the same time they should also think of our choice, where we students wants to go and which subjects we want to learn etcetera. I think after listening to both our parents and teachers, we should compare their ideas with our choice and then take our decision, which we think that it will work for us in future and as well we will enjoy it. See learning is like getting a knowledge not getting pressure on mind.
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    It is the maths and physics which makes the difference. Learning the fundamental concepts of mathematics and physics enables the students to tread ahead in the engineering fields. Many students don't find learning biology or chemistry also very stimulating and tend to believe that these subjects are meant for rote learning students though these two subjects are also logic based.

    As far as, the selection of stream is concerned, it largely depends on the basic aim of pursuing studies. In case higher studies like research programs are intended in future, then the student has to be very studious in nature i.e. less social or so-called 'smart'. Many students complete their degree programs just to meet the eligibility criteria for appearing in the competitive examinations.

    I think, the students own role is very important in the selection of stream as only the students know as to how much he/she understands the basic principles. No amount of motivation or inspiration is likely to enable the student to change his/her basic aptitude.

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    Thanks Babu Saroj for posting your thoughts here. However, my questions is related to teachers, particularly private school tutors and coaching centres who promote their students for B.Sc and B.Com instead of other technical courses like B.Tech., B.E., B.Arch., Polytechic/Diploma, etc where there is a lot of scope and opportunity of jobs after education. What could be their intention in this manner? Are they really wanted to give proper education to the students or want to perk up their institutions?
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    Well when you pass out the main 10th class exam, the interest of the student can be gauged and in which subject he is more inclined and what is his progress. So the tenth class teacher is the first guide to give you the best advise on which course to pursue in Intermediate. Of course we cannot forget the parent and their aspirations. Parents always gets decided pre -notion that their son or daughter must become a Engineer or doctor and some times they wont even consult the child about his interest. But what I feel that though teachers, parents, friends and relatives make much advise on the matter, it is the student who must take the ultimate decision. After all the student has to study the course chosen and no one else. So listening to every one is good, but consult your conscience and inner urge before deciding any long term course for the future after finishing 10th class exam.
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    What is the aim of the student and what to pursue. It is to be decided when the child is in class 10th not after 12th. As author is telling there is pressure on the student from parents and teachers, it is good not bad because parents know this mysterious world not the students.If you do not guide your ward for right career choice, he will take anything which may end up in unemployment,frustration. How he will feed himself and his family. Optimum pressure is good for better result.If there is no pressure there will be no result.

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    These days students who are studious try to gather all detail about higher studies as well as job opportunities. Most of them are having access to internet, even in class rooms in some schools. Also they do consult among themselves and build up their own plans. From the side of the parents also they are getting advise. So once they complete tenth class they will go for 'Plus one' choosing the branch which will help them to go for the course they prefer.
    Earlier, most of the parents were not well educated to advise their wards, hence the students depended on their teachers.

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