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    How far the method of admission in private schools and colleges are admirable?

    One of the sister schools of 'Saraswati Sishu Mandir' in Odisha at Berhampur is doing 100 out of 100 in matriculation and intermediate since last 17years. None of the students get fail in that school. All get passed with 1st class and every year one or two candidates with state rank also. The admission process in to that school is very simple. The candidates need to go through a admission test and if s/he scores more than 95% then only s/he will get admission, otherwise not. The administration is not money minded and not corrupted. Fees are appropriate for middle class families. Education is wonderful with fully experienced teachers with up-to-date classes, competitions and exams. However, there is no scope for poor students to enrol there. And they are making credits by saying that their education is upmost in Odisha.

    Do you think so, if you've all good students and all of them are high scoring; but taking all the credit of education system and teaching? Please comment.
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    Saraswati Sishu Vidya Mandir of Nilakantha Nagar, Berhampur has been achieving 100% pass result in HSC examination since 23 years. However, in the year 2015, 100% of the students passed the HSC examination with a first class and out of total 244 students, about 135 students scored A1 grade. The exceptional teaching pattern and education system enabled the students to perform splendidly.

    However, in case the school is threw open to average students also, then neither it will benefit the students nor improve the results of the school. There is no guarantee that average students will also pass the board examination with flying colors merely because they got admitted in the school.

    There are many types of students and accordingly there are many types of schools also. All have to coexist. Let us not think about throwing a spanner in the development process of the young minds in certain exceptional educational institutions by raising points like poverty etc. which is likely to spoil the setup and reduce the school at par with the other schools in the city.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A day will come when 100% marks will be required for admission in such schools. Marks should not be the criteria for admission in any top schools. Student with less marks also become successful later in their life. There are many examples of topper who were too good in schools but they didn't achieved anything worthwhile.

    So, our education system is slowly becoming a machine to print mark sheets with top grades. They are not producing anything worthwhile. Most of the schools are just busy making money out of their students.

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    There is no doubt that there are certain schools who follow the exact education plan of the state government and they are also become well versed to gauge the pattern of the questions being asked in the annual exam and thus they carved a niche for themselves to excel. Mind it the school is already taking excellent students through entrance test and therefore dull students cannot enter the school at all. And little push from the teachers through planned education may bring wonderful results here. So what I mean to say here that the school has established a phobia in the mind of the parents that they have the cream da la cream in their roster and thus there cannot be less than cent percent results. One more thing , if a school is habituated to earn ranks every year, it is but natural that they follow the same every year. Therefore I appreciate Saraswati Sishu Mandir for their sustained success in results.
    K Mohan
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    So it means private schools like Sarawati Sishu Mandir are only for brilliant students? What will be of the poor students when they'll not get any seats in good schools?
    Naresh Kumar
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    Following this logic, all students will have to be provided access to premier educational institutions like IITs, NITs, IIMs, AIIMS etc. without conducting any competitive entrance examination for determining relative merit etc.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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