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    Relevance of visible member level and member rank of members in the forum threads/responses

    Recently, the Webmaster has revamped the forum section of the ISC imparting it a modern impressive look. One of the changes in the format is that in the modern format, the 'Member Level' and 'Member Rank' are not visible openly. The member level can be seen described as 'Level' in the drop down menu below the name of the member along with the additional information like 'Joined' and 'Points'. However, presently the 'Member Rank' is not visible anywhere.

    Let us discuss the relevance of visible member level and member rank of members in the forum threads/responses. Some of the points worth consideration in this regard may be as follows -

    1. Were the members using such data to flaunt their status in the past ?
    2. Is it impolite and inappropriate to display such data?
    3. Is such data irrelevant and only the quality of post matters?
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    I too feel that the member level should be clearly visible to the readers without using the drop down menu. Member level is more important than the rank. The rank can be a hidden one.

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    I find no issue with the new layout format of the forum in which the member level is concealed and total points highlighted and that proves what standing of the member in this site. By the way the after reading the message or response, if some one wants to know the profile of the member they can do so by clicking the image appearing there , therefore all the relevant information about the member would be available to the net user. Hence I find no issues with the present arrangement. For example in the drop down information about this author it is clearly mentioned that he is diamond level member with 49,118 points as of now.
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    The previous layout was good looking as per my view. I have no issue whether the points, level of membership showing or not,but the new layout giving an impression of school going kid books. So I request Tony sir kindly take the comments and suggestion from all senior members as well as Editors and either change the old one or keep this new lay out.

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    I don't know why some of our senior members are reluctant to use the thread that has been opened by our Webmaster calling for comments/suggestions from members and instead prefer to create new threads which would actually diversify the views and suggestions to different areas and defeat the purpose behind that thread. I hope our members understand the importance of a thread that has been created with a specific purpose and utilize the same for the good of this site.

    I am locking this thread and suggest that the author give his opinion/ suggestions in the thread by the Webmaster.

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