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    One earth is not enough to fullfil our all wishes

    Earth is a very big space. Where Human, animals, plants, natural resources, river, sea, mountains all are present. But we human destroying everything to grab more and more space for our luxury. DO not you think one day will come ( might be after 100-200 year) this earth will become short and helpless to fulfill all of our wishes. Everybody needs a bigger home, car, jewellery, good foods etc
    But the resources are limited so we are consuming everything and one day the space will be end after having lots of people in this world.
    What is the idea behind of this? Should we stop aiming anything? If we stop aiming then is it possible to sustain our selves in this society?
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    A balance between the human population and the environment is essential for survival and sustenance. The present population of the world is around 730 crores which is likely to rise to about 970 crores by the year 2050. The human overpopulation is likely to pose many challenges some of which are as follows-

    1. Depletion of natural resources particularly fossil fuels.
    2. Increase in air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution.
    3. Inadequate potable water and food leading to starvation and malnutrition etc.
    4. Deforestation and loss of ecosystems resulting in global atmospheric oxygen and carbon dioxide imbalance and consequent global warming.
    5. Chances of new epidemics and pandemics.
    6. Unhygienic living conditions resulting in low life expectancy.

    Unfortunately, nothing much can be done to arrest the growth of population . Perhaps in future, some major epidemic or natural disaster will wipe off a sizeable chunk of the population and few luckier one who will survive, restart the life cycle again. By that time few will be able to flee to other planets or satellites like Moon etc.

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    There is saying "there is enough for human need but not for human greed" which correctly applies for our planet earth and it's resources.
    We have more than enough resources but their over exploitation has created situations that we are thinking whether next generations will be able to see and enjoy all these things which we have today.
    And the only way which seems correct for protection of these resources and saving them for upcoming generations is sustainable development.
    A harmony among the usage of resources which does not leads to end of these resources.
    And the need of alternatives that can replace these resources without harming natural environment and creating any kind of pollution.

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    May be this is why we call Earth a mother. Mother only can take so much pain to make their children happy.

    However, I have different opinion. Nature is our creater, protector and also distructer. Nothing is above than nature's own laws. It know how to balance it. The day when it will be unbearable for our nature, the biggest destruction will happen to create new life once again. This is what has happened every time since ages. This is why we need to balance our behaviour against the nature.

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    Human wish, desire and ambition are increasing day-by-day. In this way, men will destroy nature, wildlife and even other humans to gain superiority. Ultimately he will destroy the Earth along with himself.
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    Human tendency is to find out newer versions and inventions to do everything easily and smoothly. On this race of discoveries, researches and inventions many scientists spent their whole life. We very well know that there are a lot of things in this world that are fully unknown to us. When something was discovered and permitted by the government or authorised persons we the people run to grab and take the best chances of its utilization. In this race of buying, selling, and utilising we completely forget about the nature and the earth, who gave us those things. Some people even don't know the technology and uses more or less without knowing any adverse effect of the products to us and the earth. Science is somehow like boon and bane to our earth. In the chase to fulfil our wishes, ambitions and desires we almost forget about the nature and its gift to us. We must follow the nature.
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    I think the author has gauged the working pattern of the creator of this earth and human being wrong, Brahma is the Shrushti Karta and through his able thought only we are all born and the natural things are appearing along side for our use. When God has created us, he know how to balance it. When he creates births, he also keeps the counts on deaths and hence this balancing is taking place since era. By the way even in Animal Kingdom, the God is maintaining the balance. Fore example Goats and sheep give birth in multiples and if they are not sacrificed, they would over take oven the population of the human being. That is the reason being so Id-ul-zuha or Bakrid is being celebrated on 13th Sept where in Muslim families give sacrifice of Goat or sheep on that day. So never ever think that this world will have shortage of space. In fact many inhabited place are yet to be discovered and occupied by human being.
    K Mohan
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