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    What makes boys to pass comments on every girls passing nearby? why eve teasing is so fun for them?

    It's very common practice in our country. Often in the roads, streets and near schools and colleges we find group of boys passing comments on every girl passing by.
    It seems very much fun to them but for girls it's really a daily torture mostly girls ignore them because reacting to them makes them more happy and they pass more comments.
    Even after so many laws they still don't have any fear they keep their usual behaviour.
    Really what happiness does passing derogatory comment provides to these eve teaser.
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    Eve-teasing is an attitude, mindset and a particular set of behaviour. The term eve-teasing is nowhere mentioned in the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The term eve-teasing is a euphemism and presently appears only in the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Eve-Teasing Act, 1998. According to the said law eve-teasing means any indecent conduct or act by a man which causes or is likely to cause intimidation, fear, shame or embarrassment to a woman including abusing or causing hurt or nuisance to or assault, use of force on a woman. A provision of imprisonment for a term up to 1 year and a fine of up to Rs. 10,000 or both has been made under the said law. In the other states, cases are registered under section 294 , 354 and 509 of the Indian Penal Code.

    Legal provisions apart, regarding the basic question raised by the author of the thread, the French writer, intellectual, existentialist philosopher, political activist, feminist and social theorist Simone de Beauvoir had said that -

    'woman is not a born women, she is made a one'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Eve-teasing is a problem not only in Indian society, but in other parts of the world also, especially in those societies where interaction between young men and women is restricted. Eve-teasing is notably less in western societies as well as tribal societies where unrestricted interaction between two sexes exists.

    Eve-teasing is a criminal offence, but the law in this regard should be implemented in letter and spirit to prevent bigger problems or offences against women.

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    Well whether we agree or not, there is always instant attraction to opposite sex from either side and that makes or induce us either to make advance or give rave comments. I do understand that eve teasing is the punishable offense and it should not be encouraged. But I find girls are also interested to be teased. I over heard many a times when group of college students waiting at the bus stop use to converse that why those boys are not seen today and why they are not coming regularly. So this expectation from girls make the boys to indulge in teasing. By the way girls some times take teasing a right for the boys and they take it lightly. What about girls teasing the boys. Suppose if some group of girls are chatting and one single boy goes through that place, surely they too indulge in teasing the boy. Can we call that Adam tease. If the teasing is for fun, it can be excused but if the teasing is for ulterior motive then the person needs dressing down.
    K Mohan
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    Well, teasing isn't advisable at any cost. Whereas we can always approach the girls in a friendly manner. If I find some girl interesting, I just go to her and try to make a small talk. Teasing brings nothing. You will neither get close to the person you like nor is that a good manner.

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    It cannot be denied that there exists some sort of attraction between the two sexes and eve - teasing is the result of such attractions. So long as the teasing does not take an ugly form, it should be taken as a part of offence but if the situation warrants one may take the help of Police - personnel, NGOs etc to keep them under control. An element of fearness within the mind - frame of irresponsible youths would certainly create positive result. This requires the enlargement of responsibilities of all the sensible people such as educationists, law enforcing agencies and social leaders to join hands to curb this ugly menace.

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    Eve teasing can be compared to an evil game which only heartless, mindless, demonic people can play. Sadly, the number of cases of eve teasing shows how many demons are living among us, making it a hell for many of us.

    I am sorry to mention it again, but I have myself been a witness of such a scene where an innocent girl was eve teased and almost harassed by two drunk guys accompanied by one of elder brother's friends. I was a child by then and had taken the shortcut way to home as I was returning from market. That was when I met one of the classmates of my elder bro on the way. He had his two friends with him who were drunk at the daytime. Innocently, I chose to ignore these two unknown guys and say Hi to my brother's friend . Soon, we found a girl who had also taken the shortcut way and was just walking in front of us. In no time, these two guys started passing cheap comments on the girl. At first, even I thought they are drunk and should be left with whatever madness they do. But then, they stopped the girl on her way and started making further comments on her. That was when I had crossed my temper, and I really wanted my bro's friend to interrupt and stop his ill mannered friends right then, but he seemed to stay mute no matter how many times I insisted him to do something. Wasting no more time, I entered into the scene myself and acting friendly to the drunk guys I suggested them to shut up and let the girl go, to which they agreed. Deep down, I was full of anger, yet limited within myself because this was something I had witnessed for the first time. I was a little child who was in shock to witness an innocent girl who was humiliated into tears right in front of my eyes. I really wanted to meet the girl again and ask her if she was okay... but she had ran away and after that day I never found her again. Once she was gone, I shouted on him and pushed the drunk guys to harm them but I was clueless of what exactly should have been done. I had not dealt with such a situation before. In half anger and half guilt, I moved towards my home. My mother was able to read my expressions full of anger, but all I told her was that one of brother's classmate was roaming in the market, totally drunk and using foul language. I even told my brother to not keep friendship with such a guy. The time passed, but after all these years, I still feel sad of the girl who had to go through all the bad behavior she never deserved. I have forgot the girl's face, but that incident still feels as if just happening now, live in front of my eyes. I really wish to forget it, but the regret of not being able to do much 'that day' keeps me to remember this even after this long time. I can also understand that if I can remember it for all these years, how suffering that scene may have been for the girl who had suffered it.

    It was just one incident where the 'loafer guys' were drunk and misbehaving with a girl, but even those who are in their senses and belong to well respected families also tend to pass unnecessary comments on every girl. I do not support any response or excuse whatsoever which states eve teasing as a response of attraction or infatuation. I believe, eve-teasing is a kind of mental illness where the sick patient finds it cheerful, fun and 'winning' to make a girl hear their ugly remarks on her. They find it fun- How sad it that.

    Today, the individuals of society have become pretty digesting and compromising from nature. When such scenes happen, they might feel bad, but then they let it go... Why? Perhaps it is so because the girl who was harassed was not their daughter, girlfriend, sister or relative.

    No girl deserves this. No person has a right to disrespect any girl like this.

    How bad and sad is it that many of us don't wish to create a scene, so we let the scene happen.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    It appears that members have diverted their attention to another thread raised about Adam-teasing though the subject matter of this thread is more important.

    With a view to further understand the underlying reasons, consider the example when a brother hears about her sister being teased by other boys in the neighborhood, college or at the workplace. Generally, such brothers react very aggressively as if they will kill the individual concerned instantly or at least break their few bones.

    On the other hand, the same brother may be indulging in teasing other girls directly or indirectly when in the company of his own friends/classmates.

    Why such dual standads or hypocrisy in such a sensitive social matter?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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