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    Problems that are encountered during Vinayaka nimrajanam( immersion of lord Ganesha near by lakes) ?

    I don't know whether it was written in our veda's or purana's that after exactly 9 days of Vinayaka chavithi or Ganesh chaturthi festival the lord Ganesha Idols will be immersed in rivers or lakes as it is celebrated by drinking wine and dancing while carrying the huge idols of Ganesha in lorry's and truck and taken in streets. The major problems are listed here...

    1)Environment pollution where water get polluted by immersion of Idols(which are painted with chemicals) in lakes and rivers
    2)Sound Pollution as huge crackers will burst and beating drums when carrying Ganesha to immerse in Lakes and ponds....
    3) Law and order issues also raised
    4)Nuisance created by drunken people in the mob....
    5)Traffic problems in cities .......
    ^) Electricity that is consumed in Mandapa's using of decorated serial bulbs...

    My first question with all these adverse effects do you support Vinayaka nimarjan ? Do God really blessed devotes with all these activities.....

    My second question is why some people immerse Ganesha idols after 3 days of Ganesha festival ,some people immerse it after 6 days and some people do it after 9 days of the festival.
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    Well when we are agreeing in install mammoth Idols in strategic places of the cities for the darshan of devotees, we must also be ready to send of the same Idol for the immersion either on 3rd , 5th, 7th, or 9th day of the celebrations and that has been going on since ages. So supporting immersion or not does not arise. It is the responsibility of the organizers to arrange for peaceful procession and then immerse the Idol with all the religious fervor and gaiety. Please remember that those who have done their rituals in real faith and trust, the celebration would also end with good note. If the people indulge in having liquor and dancing to loud beats of drums does not amount to devotion to God, but it is just to show the modern world their presence and it is purely personal wish of every participant to dance in ecstasy and the God never demanded that. Even the police cannot impose conditions on this day.
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    Religion is not science. Instead, it is a matter of one's faith and beliefs. Logical explanations may or may not be there for each and every religious ritual or practice.

    One thing is, however, clear that even the religion is being used for commercial gain by the merchants. During all festivals, a lot of merchandise is sold and bought in the market benefitting the traders.With the advent of electronic media the festivals are getting more popularised and every year the volume of business generated is increasing.

    I myself worship God Ganesha, install His statue in the house and immerse it on the 5th day. I have many questions regarding the whole process and practice, but let the same remain unanswered.

    I have myself not yet fully understood the logic behind the practice of immersion of Gods/Goddesses idols during festivals like Durga Puja or Ganesha Chaturthi.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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