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    Its my birthday today.

    Post Birthday wishes for ISC member Neelam Joshi.

    Few days ago Joyshree raised a thread on birthday. So I thought it's not a bad idea to share birthday and get wishes from other members.
    After all in a way all the members here are kind of family and getting blessings ans wishes from family is a good thing, so I am sharing this that today is my birthday idea.
    And thus I seek blessings from all those members who taught me many lessons from various threads and helped me in learning English in a more better way.
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    Best wishes to Ms. Neelam Joshi on her birthday. May God bless her and fulfil her every wish!
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Wish you many happy returns of the day, our dear Neelam. May God bless you and be with you.

    Happy birthday to you...
    Happy birthday to you...
    Happy birthday to Neelam...
    Happy birthday to you.........

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Happy Birthday, Neelam. All the Best.

    The spelling of the word 'english' written in your thread should have been written as 'English'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Many many happy returns of the day Neelam. My best wishes to you and for your health and wealth. I pray to the omnipresent God to bless you.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Wish you a very Happy Birthday Neelam! (Belated, as per IST!) Be active and keep contributing to ISC!
    Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad - Miles Kington.

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    Happy Birthday Neelam Joshi. May all your pending wishes be fulfilled in this year and you must always a front runner in life without expecting negative thoughts and thus prove as person to be envied by others. Your zeal and courage to face the tough competition in daily life would go further step when you take up the issues with grit and courage. Keep in mind. When happiness comes to our life, the bad moments and sorrowful life will also embrace us. And that should not deter the confidence in you. Those who are confident in their trying times. they are always the winner in rest of life. My best regards to you.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Happy birthday Neelam, may god give you evrrything you want.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    Happy Birthday Ms Joshi. It is so nice of you to share your birthday with us. Best wishes for you. Many many happy returns of the day.
    I would like to request you to go through my birthday related thread Making the birthdays of ISCians even more special and give your opinions about it.

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    Thank you to all the members for their best wishes.
    In response to Saji sir's response sir my birthday is today i.e, 12th September and today I posted this thread also but still its showing 11th September.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Happy birthday Ms Neelam Joshi.May all your wishes and dreams come true on your special day and also on other days.Hope this birthday brings good fortune, health and happiness in your life.
    "If things go wrong, don’t go with them"

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    Happy Birthday Neelam!
    May all happiness come your way this year and bring more and more success.
    Being human, we love to receive more and more wishes on our special days and I am adding one from my side.

    God Bless You!


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    Very special happy birthday Neelam JI. May god bless you in your every endeavor in life.
    When ISC members write-Its my birthday today, write the date in bracket so there is no confusion as 12 sep is being understud 11 Sep 2016.

    'Education is a lifelong process, keep on learning new things'

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    Wish you a very happy birthday buddy. May all your wishes come true.

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    @Neelam Have you got something from this site on your birthday, actually I requested the Webmaster to credit some cash on members birthday as a gesture of his/her special day. I know that cash is not always the prefect way to appreciate ones hard work but I think it is a good idea to get some CC on birthday.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    Yes @ babu saroj many of ISC member sent me virtual gifts like flowers, cakes and wishes and it made me really happy to get so many blessings and wishes from ISCians and it is enough more making this day more special for me. And these wishes and gifts are enough for me I don't need any kind of cash for this thread. But I really liked the concept shared by Joyshree in the thread so I shared my birthday as an initiative to this idea.
    Once again thank you to all the members for wishing me.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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