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    'Make in India' initiative how is going to help Indian economy?

    India is a vast country .It has 132 crores people a great market and consumption hub of the world. India is spending a huge money on its imports and defense acquisition. We are providing biggest market to the world .Our honorable Prime Minister has initiated a great project. "Make in India". This programme will provide a great opportunity for the Indian industrialists as well as to the foreign investors to set up industries in India, manufacture goods in India and sell them in India and worldwide this will enable for great job opportunities .This will also reduce the import bill and foreign dependencies for critical defense equipment. Express your views how this initiative is going to help Indian economy?
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    Your question about Indian economy is not a small term to discuss over here. Make in India is a just an initiative and also an offer to Indian and multinational companies to participate in this Indian economical construction. I think there will be lot changes emerge in coming future as many private, government and public-private sectors have announced several openings for job seekers. However, the government and privates companies must focus on both social and environmental benefits. It is because; many industries are not fulfilling the causes for environment. Before start up they promise to plant trees and look after the complete security of atmosphere. However, they are polluting more as compared to caring the earth. The same things should not be happen under 'Make in India' project.
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    The author has already mentioned in his thread, the reasons as to how the 'Make in India' initiative is likely to help our country.

    While manufacturing anything, raw materials are converted into value added products. e.g. by manufacturing potato chips, comparatively very cheap product raw potato is converted into a high-value product - potato chips. Since we have vast human resources, the same can be deployed in the manufacturing sector and thus convert the idling unemployed youths looking for jobs into productive individuals.

    However, manufacturing sector requires skilled workers also instead of B.Tech. and MBA degree holders alone. Therefore it is imperative that the mindset of the youth force is changed and they are motivated to opt for ITI like skill based courses instead of looking for IITs only.

    By manufacturing the goods locally, the cost can also be reduced and foreign currency which is presently being used in the import of the goods can be saved.

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    Well Make in India is the new concept which has been introduced by the Modi government and still there are starting problem for many companies who are in the process acquiring their own know how and be the expertise in their own field. But I read a news item two days back that nearly 10,000 start up companies have failed to take up for various reasons and thus proves that the Make in India policy is not created with the consultation of Industrial Association or connected to that. Nevertheless the effort has been appreciated that India must stand on its own feet. When we can achieve self reliance in Space programs then Make in India initiative is also possible in near future totally and surely our Economy will be envied through out the world Meanwhile the set backs being experienced must be corrected forthwith by the Modi government.
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    'Make in India' initiative has been creating a policy framework to ease foreign investment, ease of business and management of intellectual property. This helps industries to establish their manufacturing bases in India.

    In turn, this initiative would help in creating employment in India. I feel that if this can be properly implemented, it would solve the unemployment problem of the country. Industries tend to develop a support ecosystem around them, thus empowering small businesses. Exports from such industries help in contributing to our foreign exchange reserve. Most importantly, such an initiative helps bring critical knowledge about manufacturing and production into the Indian population.

    However, the success of this initiative needs perfect co-ordination among Central Government, State Governments, industrialists and foreign investors.

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    In India we are 132 crores people which means we are largest consumption market for the world. At the same time we also have to provide employment to this large population. This much of employment can be generated only through the manufacturing sector. So the Make in India initiative by the PM Modi is very much necessary for India. We have to provide industries of the world environment of business so that they can come in India and start their business here. Make in India and sell wherever you want means also it will increase our exports to other countries of the world which will result in economic growth of our country. While implementing this initiative Government needs to ensure compliance of labour laws and other tax laws by the foreign investors to achieve ultimate objective of this initiative.

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