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    Telangana jail is asking literate prisoners to educate illiterate inmates

    Usually a jail is a place filled with resentment and repent, but it is also a place where people change themselves. With a lot of time at their disposal, the prisoners in jail often think about what they have done, and think about their monotonous life. However, a new era of change has begun in Telengana jail.

    The Government of Telengana has initiated 'Vidyadanam Scheme'. Under this scheme, the inmates of Telangana jail are turning the jail into a literary centre. A report states that out of 32143 illiterate prisoners, 28526 turned literates in 2015 and out of 16950 illiterate prisoners, 15778 turned literates in 2016. 'Vidyadanam scheme' is a three-month semester with monthly tests. All the classes are mandatory for prisoners unless they're sick. Everybody is given weekly tests and assignments to complete.

    I whole-heartedly support this scheme and wish that similar schemes should be initiated in other jails. I also think that some monetary and other incentives should be provided to the neo-literate inmates and their teachers to encourage the students and the teachers.
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    Many welfare schemes are under implementation in various prison in India which includes education also. The website of the West Bengal Correctional Services has portrayed that 100% literacy among prison inmates has been achieved since April 1, 2007. Their target is to not to send even a single UTP (under-trial prisoner) illiterate coming to the correctional homes.

    In many correctional homes, there are schools for the inmates in which teachers conduct adult literacy classes. Such classes are also run by the literate inmates inside the wards after evening lock-up. Interested inmates are encouraged to go for higher studies also through distance learning and correspondence courses run by Rabindra Open School and Netaji Subhas Open University. An IGNOU Study Center is also being set up at the Alipore Central Correctional Home. There are instances when the life convicts have completed MA level courses with a first class.

    In almost all the states such welfare measures have been adopted for prison inmates. In the state of Andhra Pradesh also , the prisoners are being trained in vocational trades like masonry, plumbing, house wiring and encouraged to pursue their education through Open School System and Open University up to degree and PG level.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Wow what a nice initiative from the Jail Department in Telangana. Normally people brand a person to be worst and even discarded in the family and society if he once goes to the jail by default. And if such persons are made to forget their past worst history and given a good learning experience in education surely a sea change in their character could be possible and that would change him to refined person. Moreover those who came from jail are not given in job in the society so the government must see that those who have changed in the jail must also start earning something for him and family when released.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I have once initiated a thread that places where we once wished not to go- are now enticing us to go and stay because of the various facilities and benefits which may not available otherwise.

    I still view that jails should be a place people should hate to go and that feeling should make people deter committing crimes. Now jails are like good picnic places. Food on time, recreations, work and pay, and many other facilities and then remission of punishment. It makes us feel that the outside world is real jail.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Venkiteshwaran , after reading your response I wish to mention a recent happening at the Medak Jail in Telangana. The Jail department has organized one day life in Jail with the admission fee of 500 through which those who want to experience the first hand living in jail life can have the whole day staying inside. All the formalities like having Jail dress, jail food and even visitors for seeing the one day prisoner at Jail is also allowed. What I mean to say, that by organizing such event, the government sent wrong signal to the wrong persons who may take to crime and wants to enjoy the life in jail without any botheration of nagging public in real life.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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