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    Is it necessary to mention ‘hobby’ in CV or resume?

    While writing a resume or curriculum vitae, and attending an interview, the candidates need to express his/her hobbies there. I am little bit confused why hobbies are necessary for a candidate to inform the interviewer or the HR. What could be the benefit to the interviewer by knowing the candidate's hobby and what are negative or positive sides for the candidate to express this?

    What I think is hobbies should not be there in a CV, as these are truly confidential of a person and there is no importance to inform others. What you think, is it necessary to describe hobbies in a CV or resume?
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    Generally, it is understood that there is a fixed format for developing a resume, which is a misconception in my opinion. There are many candidates who don't know as to how to develop a winning resume and download ready-made resume formats from the internet resources. As a matter of fact for each application, a customized resume should be developed depending on the specific demands and expectations of the employers. Mentioning hobbies may be relevant in many cases where personality traits like coordination, organization and leadership qualities are expected.

    Nowadays, employers are increasing using data/information available regarding the applicants on their social website's profile. Such data reveals so much about the candidates and helps the recruiters to arrive at a certain decision.

    Decorating, resume with fake data is likely to result in negative decisions also. The recruiters are generally always very experienced persons and are able to gauge the depth of the individual easily.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes Naresh you are right saying that it it quit confusing for us that why it is so much important to mentioned it in CV and also the interviewer ask during the interview. Wherever I have been attended lectures for job interview and CV writing it was said to us that it is necessary for the employer to know your hobbies etc. It helps them to know more about you. But I also agree that what if we do not want to disclosed to them? I also wants to know the correct and justifiable answer for mentioning hobby in CV.

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    I guess the whole CV or resume thing is not only about mentioning our educational qualifications and experience but also to get a good understanding of us as a person. After reading those details from a resume, the employer is expected to make a better decision for its company whether or not you are a person fit for 'that' position.

    Also, while mentioning our hobbies and such things, we should keep in mind that although we are sharing about our hobbies, but it is not a friend who is going to read it. So, our efforts should always be on making a strong (direct or indirect) point out of it as to how we will be the right person for the job. Details of our experience and education tells them what we know while our hobbies are asked to know what do we exactly like to do and how do we do it.

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    What I mention that a CV or resume must have total details of your personality. When you are meeting a interviewer or applying for a company for a job opening, they have the right to know fully about you. Concealing any information amounts to breach of trust. One more thing by mentioning your hobby, you are only expressing your attitude in a most plain manner and that cannot be taken in different meaning by the company. Mind it , some companies give job when you are specialized in some hobbies. Example sports players, magicians and even fashion designers at home can get job easily.
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    Contrary to your view, the mention of hobbies and extra-curricular activities on a CV or resume is actually of great significance. There is a reason that the column exists.

    Recruiters' no longer look for just academic excellence in the people that they employ, they want more than that. They look for candidates who have excelled academically, whilst participating in other activities. Hobbies and extra-curricular activities give an insight of the individuals' personality – something that might not come through in an otherwise routine, academic CV. Here's why –

    1. Time management – Someone who is actively involved in extra-curricular activities or pursues a hobby, while studying/working exhibits excellent time-management skills.
    2. Determination – Following an interest despite having time constraints indicates that the candidate is determined and capable of completing tasks.
    3. Team player – If the candidate is involved in a team sport, it shows that he is a good team player and can be an asset to the organization.

    Being part of hobby groups (sporting/cultural) helps in improving communication skills, mentoring abilities, organizational skills, working under pressure and much more.

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    In this site there have an confusion of showing hobbies is importance or not?

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    In conventional interviews, the interviewee may expect some question on hobbies. I still remember that one of my friends wrote 'No hobby' against the relevant column, and he had to face barrage of questions! However, he satisfactorily answered the questions and got selected for the position.
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