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    What differences you found in forum and ask expert section of ISC?

    I've seen many authors in India Study Channel are participating in both forum sections as well as ask expert section. Some of the best authors are Kailash Kumar, Sheo Shankar Jha, Venkiterwaran, Partha Kansabanik, K Mohan, NK Sharma, Mahesh, and many others. I appreciate their consistency and regular participation in both the sections. I just want to know from them what differences are there in forum and ask expert section of ISC. Please write only helpful points so that authors like me will give more attention in both the sections. You may differentiate with these points: Compatible, Beneficial, Informative, Suggestive, and any personal opinion.
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    The answer in respect of the query raised by the author of the thread regarding ask expert section is obvious. The reply has to be 'to the point' with as many relevant details as possible so as to enable the query raiser to get requisite information. At the same time, the answer has to be precise, succinct and focused also. The members who post answers should cross-check the data from the other resources before final posting , to confirm the veracity of the data/fact.

    After joining ISC last year in May, I have witnessed a lot of positive changes in the forum section. The quality of posts has increased immensely since then. Earlier there used to be more jokes, quotations, GK threads and such other light-hearted contents. Gradually, we have traversed to more serious and valuable contents. In my personal opinion, in each post, there should be something to supplement the existing knowledge of the members. Though many authors are capable of posting contents impromptu but for raising the standard and level, researching is equally important. Of late, the forum section has got due recognition and TBDT like features have been introduced. Also, quibblings and 'locking horns with the editors' cases are rare now.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A thread on the same topic is already under discussion in forum. The author has put the query in a different way but I feel the point can very well be discussed in the other thread and hence I am locking this thread.

    I would like to highlight the fact that Mr Kailash who has raised a similar query in the thread under reference has joined in here with an elaborate answer. It is quite amusing and I am at a loss to understand what some of us are trying to prove.

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