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    Did you find the advantage of sharing your posts in social media sites?

    I've seen many forum threads are not being shared by the authors in the social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. As such buttons are available under the forum threads and I usually click after posting and grab some additional viewers from Facebook and Google+ to my threads other than ISC members. Did you find the same advantage from sharing your thread posts in social networking sites? What more benefit you get by doing so? Please share with us and let the members know as this is a good practice.
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    So far I have not paid due attention to such matters as my focus was not on earning revenue by attracting more visitors/clicks. However, I intend to do so in near future and therefore eager to know more from the experienced members. However, I feebly remember that during one of such discussions regarding the subject matter, ME had posted a comment to the effect that too much sharing on the social networking sites is not advisable. I hope that discussion on this thread will make the point clearer.

    I do have accounts on Facebook, Linked in, Google plus and Twitter and sometimes share also. However, of late, I am not doing it frequently. I think, it is not easy to earn revenue by such simplistic tactics alone. There has to be some 'meat' or 'substance' also in the contents which requires thorough research regarding the subject matter.

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    I've seen both sides of the coin, Although those weren't ISC posts.
    Over sharing and under sharing are both useless. There is always an optimal point when it comes to sharing your work on social media. Some personal branding gurus suggest to try out the 7/3 rule - Out of 10 social media posts that you share, 7 has to be something that helps your audience more than you, things they would love to read about. Only if you do that would they have the patience and interest to read the 3 posts that you share about your work. Not only that they also advice that these 3 posts should be strategically crafted and placed; after all if you want views make sure it's worthy of some.

    Also, just as Kailash ji mentioned, we must ensure that all the posts that we share on social media have some substance in it. We must try to avoid sharing just for the sake of getting just a few views. Rather we must share something that might help them if they view it.

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    I am pretty active on Facebook but I have made the environment more like a family of limited friends. It does not make any sense to promote my whatever posts on my Facebook Timeline. All I ever share on my Facebook account is my random thoughts and no kind of media or links are shared. Over the years, I have made a circle of friends who are pretty similar to me in this regard and we enjoy it.

    In short, they might care to visit a few of the links I provide but that's not the thing why they like to visit my Timeline.

    I was not active on other social media sites or LinkedIn in past years. But I see good possibility of me sharing a few interesting posts to my Twitter or LinkedIn in near future.

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    Previously I used to share some of my posts in the Twitter instantly. And after the new format was introduced, we are unable to share any posts in the social media. By the way I found that not much response we get from social media. Most of the social media posts are controlled by people interested in politics and cinema and if you post anything on that subject there are instant responses and even appreciation. By the way when you post a good thread in this site itself, it is listed within few seconds on the top page of the concerned theme by Google and thus you get instant visit by netizens who are on line.
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    I have account in Facebook (in my pen name), Twitter, Quora, Google-Plus and Linked-in. I generally do not share posts (I generally store interesting articles in Google-Plus and Pinterest-I don't interact in these platforms). My Linked-in account is inactive.

    However, I consciously try to maintain different personalities in Facebook, Twitter, Quora and ISC because I feel that natures of my followers in these platforms are different. For example, I know that what I can write in Quora, may not be allowed in ISC because in this site (ISC), readers are of different nature and the editorial standard is different.

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    Yes it is important to sharing post on facebook so that to increase view on facebook. Also used online comparison website so that easy to get comparison information.

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    Sharing your content on social media can bring more traffic to your content. There are certain social media sites like StumbleUpon which can bring quite a healthy traffic to your site.
    However, please note that it will benefit you personally only if you have your own Google AdSense account. Yes, it would bring traffic to the site. Thinking of it from the personal point of view alone would not be advisable. We are working with this site and that should mean we need to think of the site as well. From that perspective, I would advice our members to share their content - not only forum threads, but other content as well - on their social circle. If it brings traffic, site is bound to flourish and grow - ensuring our own growth along with it.

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    Obviously there are many advantages of sharing posts in Social sites as we get to know different new things from person living somewhere in this world. Every thoughts have new intention of that particular thoughts someone likes and someone don't likes, it all depends on individual personality, sharing our thoughts on social sites gives us new ideas, new thoughts and makes our thinking wider and vivid. So personally I got many advantages from social sites, it had changed my life too, I got to know about others views on that particular topics.
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