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    On what basis does the Indian Film Industries declare a movie as a Blockbuster?

    The Indian Film Industries are known for making super good films. Weekly two or three movies are getting released in almost all the languages in all the states. The review for the newly released movies is also getting released instantly and the film industries are declaring the movie as a blockbuster movie, super hit, hit and a flop movie. Sometimes an average movie has its name in the blockbuster list and a super movie with a good story and a screenplay is listed in the flop list.

    On what basis does the Indian film Industries declare a movie as a Blockbuster? Are they ranging the movies based on the first day collection? Is it correct to value a movie based on the collection ?

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    In the film industry success of a movie is measured in terms of box office collections. A box office generally refers to a place where tickets are sold to the public for admission to an event. The amount of money raised through the sale of the tickets is known as the box office collection. This data is not only important for the industry to estimate their profit margins but also it is important for arousing interest in the viewers for watching the movie. There are a number of websites which monitor such data e.g. 'Boxoffice', 'The Numbers', 'Koimoi' and 'ShowBIZ Data' etc.

    A blockbuster is typically a movie that is made with a large budget and has big stars cast. Such movies become an unusually successful hit with widespread popularity and huge sales. Generall, the term 'megahit' is used as a synonym of the term 'blockbuster'.

    Some of the Indian blockbuster Hindi films are as follows -

    1. PK (Rs. 792 crores)
    2. Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Rs. 626 crores)
    3. Sultan (Rs.583.47 crores )

    The Tamil movie - 'Baahubali: The Beginning' had a collection of Rs. 650 crores.

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    Now a days Indian film industry is considering success of the any movie just based on the how much the business it does at the box office. I disagree with this type of rating of movie. More collection at box does not mean good movie. Because now a days many film producers are having system of releasing movie on occasion like Diwali, Christmas etc where people were having vacation time and mostly people goes to watch movie irrespective of fact that movie is good or not. Then it collects more at box office. Actually movie should be stated as Blockbuster if it wins heart of audience at theater.

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    Normally when a movie has to be made, the producer incurs much expenses and when the final movie comes to the table of Censor board by that time so many crores would have been spent. And from the day one the earning capacity of a movie is gauged through its song CD sales, the overseas rights, the Internet rights and above all the distributors rights across the country and world. Once a new film starts earning with great openings and its costs were recovered in first week itself then that movie is called block buster. Some movies are made within the budget of 100 crores and the collections in first two weeks would surpass 500 crores. That means that movie got the profit of 400 crores and that is termed as block buster. The recent success of Bahubali in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi is the best example for this question as the producer got triple the amount he spent on the movie and still earning.
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    I agree with Deepika (#578495) as nowadays box office collection is counted by first 3 days collection (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) and then first week's collection of a movie from throughout the country. Earlier a movie was stated as Blockbuster and Hit film by some film critics and journalists that now somehow lessened due to excessive spreading of information through social media and television channels. However, still there are many critics and online movie rating sites who gives rating to the films as per the overall collection, budget, story and film making.
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