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    Are you aware of BSNL broadband's Rs. 9 unlimited internet monthly plan?

    With the arrival of Reliance Jio, all the other telecom operators such as Airtel, Idea and Vodafone have fallen into an 'undesired' competition with the ultra low cost plans from Jio. So far, we have seen a handsome reduction in prices of their data plans and tariffs.

    But, it seems, BSNL is all set to make its best possible efforts to survive in market. Recently, they had introduced an unlimited 3G data plan that costs about one thousand Indian Rupees. After this, BSNL has again came to limelight right from when they announced a Rs. 249 Unlimited Broadband plan in which 1 GB of data costs less than Re. 1.

    If third-party sources are to be believed, a buzz on just another unbelievable BSNL broadband plan is being discussed on social media. That news informs about BSNL planning to bring just another promotional unlimited broadband plan which will cost Rs. 9/ month, offering 1GB data @2Mbps and then unlimited internet @1Mbps after exhausting 1GB data.

    However, no such plan has been listed on BSNL's official website. It is worth noting down that their new plan BBG Combo ULD 249 (or BBG Combo ULD 499) was quickly updated on their site. Taking that as a reference, I doubt BSNL's Rs.9 BBG ULD to be nothing but a rumor that kept being copied and pasted by several online media blogs.

    (I suspect it to have all started with a typo where a newbie blogger typed 249 as 9 and then the news got modified further by the 'copycats') What do you think?

    You can find the news with search phrases like "BSNL Rs.9 Broadband Unlimited internet", so simply refer to the following URLs (no promotions intended)

    What do you think? Can someone please confirm the authenticity of this unconfirmed news?
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    Thanks to Mr. Ank Arya for this valuable news item. This would be immensely useful for me.
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    On the official website of BSNL, they have showcased their 'Unlimited Broadband 249' plan w.e.f. 09-09-2016 as follows -

    1. Bandwidth (Download Speed) - up to 2 Mbps till 1 GB, up to 1 Mbps beyond
    2. Monthly Charges - Rs. 249 for first six months. After six months plan shall be converted to 'BBG Combo ULD 499' plan

    The BB249 plan also offers unlimited free calls between 9 PM to 7 AM on all Sundays to any network in India.

    Their 'BBG Combo ULD 499' plan is as follows -

    1. Bandwidth (Download Speed) - up to 2 Mbps till 2 GB, up to 1 Mbps beyond
    2. Monthly Charges - Rs. 499

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    If this news comes out as a rumor, we should beware of the two sites mentioned that do not confirm the authenticity of news before publishing it. It seems like they are not the news sites we can depend on.
    Ank Arya

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    The other day I was responding to a thread when that author asked to compare the offer between Reliance Jio and other players in providing cell phone connectivity and I supported BSNL which is not only government owned entity but also guarantees best service as we find their singals and towers very strong than other players in the field. Now the cheapest plan has been announced, surely people would migrate to BSNL. But one thing I want BSNL to ensure the customer service be good as one can find excuses from the staff after 6pm and we cannot find the customer service personnel even on phone.
    K Mohan
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    If more offers come like this, again we users stand to be exploited as we will not be able to really assess which is better. After a particular plan comes from one provider, another may bring a better one. We will end up with giddiness. Always feeling loss.

    Then all of them will join and form a cartel to stand against the helpless users. That is what we see all these time. The first ones (or early birds) have to be satisfied with what they got and others repent in jealousy.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    I strongly support the second paragraph from Mr. Venki (#578530) . It seems that the telecom companies so far had done a secret agreement to keep their prices similar to each-other. Presently, the arrival of Jio has been beneficial for the users as it ensures to make some changes in their so-called 'secret agreement'. However, it can also be expected that once Jio gets its roots strong in the market, it may also join with other companies to loot the customers. In the end, they have to mind their own business with a monetary profit's perspective.

    The current battle with each-other is surely being profitable for the customers. Somehow, it also suggests that how much we could have saved over these years if these companies had not have looted us with their super costly plans. The way they are lowering down their prices shows it clearly that they were able to do this since always but their main goal was always to keep the price high and make lots of profit.

    Another good point which is pretty interesting right now is to see how other wired broadband providers in the country respond to BSNL's cheaper plans. It seems users are going to benefit from this competition even if they don't opt for the comparatively lowest priced company, because prices are expected to fall at least for an year or so.

    Ank Arya

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