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    Which genre of television programs you prefer to watch?

    There are many genres of television programs being broadcasted in India by various channels.

    Some of the main genres are as follows -
    1. Comedy
    2. Children's
    3. Drama
    4. Entertainment
    5. Sports
    6. Music
    7. Reality
    8. News
    9. Religion
    10. Business/Investment

    Often, when there is only one television set in the house, then the conflict of interests emerge between the family members as to which channel to watch together, if possible.

    Which genre of television programs you prefer to watch? Have you been able to strike a balance between sharing television time among different family members? Is it advisable to have more than one television sets/connections in the house for long term peace?
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    As I am not aware of any fixed genre in this subject, I would like to write my answer as I would normally write it.

    As a kid, I was so fond of watching cartoons. Specially the one that looked serious and trying to save people and the World. I have left that habit only a few years ago, say 3 or so years. I have been a computer addict rather than a television addict all my life so far, so I was never interested in watching too much television except the usual cartoon shows which had their fixed timings. Apart from that, I like to watch comedy programs except the one that are telecast on Sab Tv. Personally, I find them the most dull and boring shows I have ever watched on television. They are fortunate that not everyone in India thinks like I do. Occasionally, I also watch music channels, but even that does not happen too often. While I like to keep myself updated with news from the Web, I tend to watch random news channels sometimes. My father likes to watch news channels and that is how I also remember the channel numbers from where news channels are listed. My mother serves as a teacher and do not get much time to watch television, but when she does, she likes to watch a few Hindi serials and that is how even I get the idea of what is happening there in a serial.

    I am never interested in Sports. At least not in watching others play it while I am just sitting on a sofa. I just don't find it worth my time. And I hate cricket...

    I had tried watching some religious channels but I found those religious gurus and guru maa too ordinary to be worth listening.

    I often try to watch business news but being no expert in that subject I don't understand everything well with my tiny store of limited knowledge. Sometimes, I keep a watch on the new entrants in the market who make a good entry into the market and then the debates that happen on the probability of their performance in near future. All for no particular reason.

    A few other points that I can share-
    - We have three television sets at home but only one has been installed while the other two are safe in storeroom.
    - We don't share television timings and love to watch whatever one of us chooses to watch. Mostly, when I turn on the television, I give the remote in my mother's hand, because my main intention is always that she can enjoy some time watching the TV.
    - While it may depend on the type of environment that remains in a family, I don't find a need of another television in our house. TV is something which is more fun to watch with family members. It maybe good that once a daughter-in-law joins our family, a TV set gets placed in the bedroom itself. Whether she wishes to watch it with the family or alone should be something she should be left to choose.

    Quarrels and arguments for Television is something that I have not seen in my life and will not even like to see anytime in future. It sounds funny and non sense to even think of something like that.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    None of the above 10 listed programs mentioned except 8th as mentioned by the author attracts me except a glance now and then. But I would love and watch the programs aired by Discovery channel, Discovery science channel. Animal Planet, History Channel and all the news channels. Not only me , by son also interested to watch programs on these channels. However my wife is fond of Hindi serials on Star plus and my daughter wants to watch latest Hindi songs from those channels only dedicated for that songs. So in a house there are different choices and preferences and one has to adjust.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Earlier also I responded to similar questions. I do not watch television frequently. Whenever I watch television, I watch news channels. Earlier I used to see National Geographic or Animal Planet, but nowadays I have discontinued watching these channels also.
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