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    The purpose of starting a new thread/asking a question in the forum section of ISC?

    At the first glance, the current question raised in this thread appears to be dumb one, but actually it is not. There are many aspects of starting a new thread/asking a question in the forum section of ISC.

    As far as I have understood so far, the ISCians need not raise a question with the sole aim of clearing their personal doubts only. They can raise new threads on any subject worthy for discussions even if they personally know the answer in respect of the same. Being a public forum, the regular members are expected to trigger on discussions and debates on various issues of general and topical interest so as to benefit the ISC fraternity as a whole which includes ISCians as well as the visitors who visit and read the contents.

    Do you agree with the above interpretation?
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    With no second thought or opinion, I fully support your good thought over the subject.
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    Frankly speaking, I generally raise threads to get some points. My aim of raiisng threads as competition entries is to get enhanced points and cash credits.

    Most of the Members also raise threads or ask questions for the same purpose, isn't it?

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    First of all let me salute the pristine honesty of Partha. While there are many like Partha, not all may admit it.

    For me, if you can view data of my contributions, Forum Post (Threads started) are far far less than those responded. My problem is that I get many topics while travelling, walking on the road, doing shopping, doing domestic activities etc. Mostly it is difficult or not much practical to record them. But very soon I forget them. It is only those topics which I remember and recall while sitting on my desk and typing after logging in to ISC that I post.
    I start a thread when I feel that I have a topic to invite others for discussion, a topic on which I feel strongly in some way and expect that there may be others also who may have similar effects by the subject matter. I do not have in mind points or cash credit when I post my own original threads. But when I post for competition entries ,there also I do it impromptu and may not be able to participate if I do not get the thread instantaneously on reading the announcement. Later on I become lazy and not take interest to return and post.

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    For me raising the thread is more thrilling experience than posting answering. It is like in the home when the house wife prepares the food and serves to every one and expects comments from them and she shall eat at last. Same way by raising thread here, I expect inclusive participation from members and that would bring me immense satisfaction. But some times I run out of my allotted quota and depend on other members threads to respond. What I feel that each member must utilize their quota of raising threads, so that forum would be filled with so many acclivities and responses. Some times I starve for threads in this section and that should not happen. By the way members should not feel lazy in raising thread. They can raise any topic, cite personal experience of a event in their life, or some tricky situation they faced on that day and so on. Such discussions would be participated by all.
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    As a matter of fact the remark of Lead Editor Saji Ganesh (#578484) on this thread prompted to raise this thread as the said thread was locked.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Living a life almost immersed into introversion and least interaction with new people, ISC forums provide me windows to look out new people and their thoughts about life and whatever falls within.

    Generally, I raise threads whenever I feel like raising one. While I spend most of my time in reading random news articles the web, I understand that I do not know everything about everything. A discussion on any topic of interest really helps us to clear our doubts and become assured of the considerable points about a topic. So far, most of my threads have been either on informing and discussing with everyone about something or to get my personal doubts cleared. Sometimes, the answers we look for, are better yielded out of discussions than that of a straightforward answer we get Ask Experts section. Forum surely has its own importance and usefulness.

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    I always try to ask questions in forum section whenever something hits in my mind while driving, sleeping, watching news/TV or any other program, etc. There is no particular aim or purpose of asking anything in forum section. However, sometime when I search something in ISC and didn't found any clue I raise a thread or ask question in ask expert section. As ISC allows 15 questions to ask in 5 days, I think it is enough for a member as other members too post their thread and there is a lot to discuss and post your views and participate there. So, doing a habit of posting good and qualitative threads related to education and social subjects are more productive for everyone.
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    A good thought of being a member of ISC and wanted to be active in forum. I accept the author's view fully and those who are in forum really had a feeling that interaction/discussion has become very poor and especially even those who are raising threads also must have experienced(like me) only very few and same members are discussing and really making a feeling of group and hence may not wanted to raise thread online as this kind of discussion among groups may be done outside the net world and net world is especially should have combination of views among various region/age categories of people which was there in ISC for some time ago which is missing now.

    Hence as author pointed out a real good discussion should happen among members of various region/age to have a live forum discussion threads. As told by few, many members are raising thread/responding only in competition entries or GD/TBTD threads which is like answering to question papers in various examination. So members please cheer up and come for a good/healthy discussion.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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