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    Who benefits from all the pro-poor government schemes in India?

    There are many government schemes running in India for BPL card holders in India. In spite of these schemes running for a long time, why there is absolutely no change in the fate of poor people? Do they get what they are offered by the government or it just lands in the pocket of another rich man?

    What is the use of all the government schemes, when there is no proper implementation? It is is just waste of tax payer's money because the benefit never riches the right person. Can government eradicate poverty with such government schemes in India? Why poor people are not able to rise in spite of getting so much benefits?
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    The Government of India has launched the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme to transfer subsidies directly to the people through their bank accounts. For example, the National Child Labour Project, Student Scholarship and LPG subsidy are part of the DBT. As on 31.05.2016, there were total 74 Schemes of 17 ministries of central Government under DBT. Thus it can be seen that the steps have been taken by the Government to ensure that the benefits reach directly to the people through their bank accounts.

    However, no nation , community or society can prosper by receiving benefits as doles. They have to work hard to be productive. Sometimes, it appears that the subsidies and benefits are likely to prove counter-productive, if not taken in right spirit and perspective. People living on doles are likely to become lazy and waste the distributed money as the same is not earned through their own efforts and hard work.

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    From my personal observance, I have observed that such plans from government are successfully implemented to the lowest level. Those who own a BPL card also get benefited with whatever perks and special help is allotted to them. But the tricky part here is that 'Every person or family who has a BPL card is not poor. And every poor who is actually poor does not have a BPL card'.

    While it sounds funny, but the real example to it is that one of the richest farmers in our town has taken the benefit from these plans and have added another two rooms to their house. As you enter these rooms, the interior designing and everything you see will shout it loud that they were not poor from any side or angle. In short, the share and rights of a needy, deserving family were snatched by a rich family. This was just one case, but sadly, there are many.

    No matter who had been the ruling party, the plans of govt. have always seen several speed breakers and error in effective implementation. And then, whenever there is some scope of the plans properly reaching to the needy, such kind of people misuse them.

    Despite of this, it is also a mistake from needy people who do not get their BPL cards prepared. Sometimes, the low cost food items which are sent by govt. for families below poverty line is grabbed by operators or middlemen and right when a real poor person comes to claim it, he is given next dates or a scolding full of insulting sentences.

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    We should not be hundred percent cynics and criticisers. This country has come to the present better situation because of many schemes initiated and implemented by thought full visionary leaders and sincere bureaucrats and field level workers.

    I admit that the results are not hundred percent as envisaged. There is transmission loss. There are some small percentage of unscrupulous officials, politicians and even fake beneficiaries. But slowly, the loopholes are getting plugged. The latest on that line is the DBT-Direct Benefit Transfer. If just because of misuse or maladministration or frauds we stop such schemes, then some of those real beneficiaries who get the benefit would be deprived of what they really deserve and need.

    What is needed to reduce leakage and malpractice is making things transparent, easily implementable, making every one aware what the govt is implementing , encouraging the honest officials and heavily punishing corrupt officials,fake beneficiaries and misguiding leaders and politicians. Eternal vigilance by ordinary citizen and dedicated volunteers also is needed. Along with that there should be more and more productive schemes rather than free doles.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Wow I really appreciate the author for raising this thread which is appropriate to discuss at this time. Once Rajiv Gandhi when he was PM and came to Hyderabad for a function and when media asked the question on poverty and living of poor, he said that government do initiate poverty alleviating programs but they wont reach the needy and only 14 percent are benefited and remaining are eaten away by the middle man. That is the right submission he made. We all know that in Telangana we are having a new government and this TRS party got in to power, thanks to the peoples agitation and their strong will power. So to give some benefit to the ardent followers, the government under the T pride scheme gave taxi cars on loans through bank to the party beneficiaries and outsiders are denied. Therefore we can see lots of cars mentioning this T Pride scheme benefit on their back. So pro-poor schemes of government goes to their party supporters only.
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    I absolutely agree with point made by Ank Arya that most of the poor people don't have BPL cards. If poor people don't have BPL cards, then how will they receive the benefits launched by government? Even I have visited some rural areas and most of the rich people have BPL card in their name and the Gram Pradhan of the village is the biggest thug, who eats everything which comes for poor people.

    As far as DBT is concerned, it would be only possible when people have bank account. I don't think most of the poor and illiterates have any bank accounts. Only after the launch of Jan Dhan Yojana people have started opening accounts. Also, Aadhar card is important for DBT.

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